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Guyanese Celebrate Golden Jubilee In Florida

Guyana’s Minister Of State Joseph Harmon Invites Guyanese Nationals To Be Part Of Renaissance

FT. LAUDERDALE – More than 300 Guyanese from around the State of Florida gathered in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday, April 30th for Guyana’s 50th Golden Jubilee Gala.

Joseph Harmon Guyana’s Minister Of State
Joseph Harmon, Guyana’s Minister Of State

Guyanese Nationals were invited to be part of their homeland’s renaissance which has occasioned the cleaning up of the environment, greater emphasis on education and training and the opening up of investment opportunities in a range of sectors, among other positive developments.

The invitation came from Guyana’s Minister of State, Joseph Harmon who was the Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker at the gala at the Signature Grand put on by the Guyana Association of South Florida, the Guyana Sports Development Association and Ms. Joy Agness of Joy Agness Events.

“Since independence, Guyana had made strides and mistakes, nonetheless the spirit of nationhood lived on and for 23 years following the 1992 election that spirit was stifled and in many cases killed” the Minister said.

However, “Today, our coalition is led by a man of impeccable character, His excellency David Arthur Granger- our President is – a man of god, a man of decency, morality, integrity, a family man -married for forty six years. An outstanding example of the moral and upright leadership that is desirable for the establishment of a decent society and a prosperous nation,” the Minister told the attentive audience to whom he extended best wishes on behalf of President David Granger.

Minister Harmon pointed out that under the leadership of President Granger there is now renewed interest in national life amongst Guyanese at home and abroad, evidenced by their commitment to assisting with the development of Guyana.

He added that the new government’s model of governance has seen the process of governance taken to the people with ministers continuously involved in meeting with the people in their communities to learn of their problems and work collectively to find workable solutions.

“Guyana is poised for “take-off” and our government is committed to a “one nation” approach to development, to national unity and social cohesion, and the value we derive from keeping pristine our forest reducing inequalities, removing obstacles to education, opening opportunities to all our citizens and uniting our coastland and hinterland.

“On the economic front, the discovery of massive deposits of oil and gas in the economic zone off our coastland has added significantly to the natural resource inventory of our country. This, together with our agricultural potential, and the value we derive from keeping pristine our forest, provide the basis for inviting and attracting investments for real growth and development,” the minister said.

He pointed out that the new government is committed to modernizing the country’s infrastructure and to investing heavily on the development “of our people as the center of our development model.”

The Minister invited Guyanese in the Diaspora to participate in the historic 50th independence celebrations at home later this month and to consider contributing more directly to the nation’s immediate and long term development efforts.

Joseph Harmon

“I therefore wish to take this opportunity to invite you all to be part of Guyana’s immediate and long term endeavours. You in the diaspora represent a significant portion of our human resource base. You include some of our brightest, most talented and best trained people. You possess an enlightened work ethic from being in a developed country and constitute a vital reservoir of resources and talents needed at home to confront the challenges of development and social re-construction,” the minister concluded.

Minister Harmon also shared in the presentation of awards to honorees and took the opportunity to mix and mingle with groups and individuals who sought audience with him to be updated on developments in Guyana. In an invited comment the Minister praised the quality of the event pointing out that “it is indisputable testimony to the love which in the diaspora have for their country”


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