GroceryList Jamaica Promotion Takes Over Lauderhill

LAUDERHILL – The trailblazing Jamaican-owned, online company, GroceryList Jamaica, is bringing on-the-ground excitement to the community with giveaways and digital spin-the-wheel activities at Jamaican restaurants throughout the Lauderhill area.

According to the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer Jermain Morgan, the goal of the promotion is to let the Lauderhill community members know that they can support their families in Jamaica through GroceryList Jamaica.

GroceryList Jamaica
Rory Richards, CEO GroceryList Jamaica, Consul General, Oliver Mair, and Jermain Morgan, Co-Founder GroceryList Jamaica

“We want to let Jamaicans living in Lauderhill know that it is possible to shop for groceries for their families at home in Jamaica, with deliveries arriving on their doorstep in under an hour,” Morgan shared.

“We also want to highlight our BIG BOX Christmas promotion. Where our customers will get $25 off each $250 they spend to fill a BIG grocery box online for their families in Jamaica.” Morgan added.

What is GroceryList Jamaica?

GroceryList Jamaica is a young company based in South Florida. Their aim is to connect the Jamaican diaspora to their families back home. Remittances in Jamaica are second only to tourism in generating foreign exchange. Many families there rely on overseas family members in the forms of packed barrels and money transfers. Especially to cover day-to-day expenses.

Co-founders Rory Richards and Jermain Morgan created GorceryList Jamaica to address a glaring issue every Jamaican immigrant has faced: ‘How do I find the most convenient way to support my family back home?’

Richards, Morgan, and their team tackled this problem while also streamlining the process to just a few clicks on their website. GroceryList Jamaica is not only convenient, but also faster and cheaper than most traditional remittance options.

“Barrels can take up to two months to pack, two weeks to be delivered to Jamaica, and cost thousands in customs fees to clear,” explained Morgan. “That’s why we are pushing our BIG BOX promotion this Christmas. You can spend less than the cost of a barrel and give your family not only non perishable items but also fresh meat, produce and so much more. This Christmas you can buy your family ham instead of sending a barrel with spam,” Morgan said jokingly.

“Money transfer services are also sometimes sluggish, with long lines and can take over a week before the money changes hands.”

GroceryList Jamaica, Morgan said, eliminates these issues.

How GroceryList Jamaica Works

Partnering with over 200 grocery stores in Jamaica, covering all 14 parishes, GroceryList Jamaica provides unparalleled comprehensive service to the entire island. Using the service is simple. Customers log onto their website or mobile app, and order from any of the featured brands. Partners include Jamaican powerhouses Grace Foods and Lasco.

At checkout, customers simply fill in the recipient’s address and their own billing information. All major credit cards are accepted along with PayPal and payments are secured through Stripe, the same company that powers e-commerce giants Amazon and Shopify.

After placing an order, one of GroceryList Jamaica’s 1800+ personal shoppers fulfills the order for either pick-up or delivery. The shoppers are trained by industry-leading professionals to handpick the best brands and the freshest produce.

GroceryList Jamaica
GroceryList Jamaica employee makes a delivery.

“We apply strict due diligence to our shoppers,” added Morgan. Shoppers must provide proper identification and pass a background check before they are allowed to interact with our customers.

Streamlining Support for Jamaicans

Every decision made and every feature implemented is informed by the real lived experiences of GroceryList Jamaica’s co-founders and their supporting team.

Their stories are common among Caribbean immigrants. Both co-founders migrated to the United States in search of lucrative opportunities to support themselves and their families.

Co-Founder and CEO Rory Richards needed a simpler and more convenient way to support his mother back home. Morgan, a tech specialist, discovered a passion for outreach and supporting Jamaicans since migrating to the US. At its very essence, the company embodies the ethos – “building brand Jamaica.”

GroceryList Jamaica takes pride in streamlining support for Jamaicans, by Jamaicans. Especially by bringing remittances into the digital age, and creating new jobs in the process.

Shop Groceries For Loved Ones in Jamaica from Anywhere in the World with GroceryList Jamaica


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