Grenada appeals for International Assistance

St. George’s, Grenada – Following the devastation caused to Grenada by Hurricane Emily, the Government of Grenada is appealing to the international community for urgent assistance.

Grenada was struck by Hurricane Ivan, one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes just ten months ago, causing widespread devastation throughout the country. The assessment of the damage caused by Hurricane Ivan was 2.5 billion US dollars representing 250% of the Gross Domestic Product of the country. Grenada is still at the early stage of its recovery and reconstruction from Hurricane Ivan with many houses in the process of reconstruction. The impact of Emily significantly retards the early progress made in the reconstruction after Ivan.

The National Emergency Advisory Council at its meeting on Monday, July 18 received a preliminary estimate of the damage which has been totaled at 200 million US dollars, with some reports still to come in from affected areas.

The estimates suggest that over 3000 houses were damaged or destroyed by Emily. The agricultural sector wiped out because of the combined effects of the heavy rain and wind. Several public buildings including hospitals, health centers and homes for the aged have also been severely damaged.

In light of the devastation caused by both Ivan and Emily and the cumulative impact this is having on the economy and people of Grenada, the Government has declared a state of disaster, and is formally appealing to the international community to urgently provide assistance to the country.

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