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Florida’s 4 Most Dangerous Cities to Drive In

Hollywood, Florida - Florida's 4 Most Dangerous Cities to Drive In

When the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a survey on America’s most dangerous cities for drivers based on the annual number of fatal accidents, four out of 15 cities on the list are located in Florida. The Sunshine State also happens to host the most dangerous interstate in the nation – the I-4 and has the greatest number of car crashes overall.

Why Do So Many Car Accidents Happen in Florida?

With over 1,000 traffic accidents per day, the Sunshine State shines bright as the U.S state with the most car accidents. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, more than 3,000 people die in a car crash every year. In 2020, there were over 212,000 car accident-related injuries reported by Florida alone.

Florida has so many car crashes due to several reasons but drunk driving and distracted driving top the list. According to ValuePenguin, Bay County, Orange County, and Okaloosa County have the most distracted drivers per 1,000 residents.

In Florida, around one in four car accidents is caused by a driver that text, calls, check e-mails, or uses their smart devices in another way while driving. Drunk drivers are an issue, too, with over 800 fatal accidents out of 3,000 being caused by a drunk driver. The good news is that accidents involving drunk drivers are on the decrease nationwide, and Texas has the highest number of fatal accidents.

Another reason for the high number of car crashes in Florida is reckless driving. Many drivers ignore traffic signs and have no issue with ignoring a traffic light or cutting other drivers off even in busy intersections. Pair that with drunk driving, and you get headlines like this: “Florida Man Didn’t Drink While Driving, Only While Stopped at Traffic Lights.”

Joking aside, Florida is also the home state of an aging population. So, health issues and prescription meds might also play a part in traffic incidents. In addition, many tourists visit Florida’s beautiful cities, which means that a sizable number of car accidents are caused by people unfamiliar with the roads and locations. An influx of young and reckless drivers happens every year, especially during spring break.

Florida also has a high number of crashes because many people from other states, especially New York and California, decide to become permanent residents. Just like tourists, these people can also become a liability on the Sunshine State’s roadways.

Some of Florida cities’ wide roads and decongested traffic might entice drivers to speed, which ups the risk of accidents.

Florida’s Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers

Based on the number of fatalities per 100,000 residents, here are the most dangerous Florida cities to be driving in, according to CarInsuranceCompanies experts:


With 30,000 car crashes every year, Orange County is the county with the most car accidents in the state. Orange County is also home to the beautiful city of Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and Walt Disney World, which makes it a packed tourist attraction. With 13.2 fatal accidents per 100,000 residents, 15.3% collision likelihood, and 1,387 car thefts per year, Orlando is the fourth deadliest Florida city to drive in.


Hollywood is a city located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale that is a fairly popular tourist attraction due to its spectacular family-friendly beach, the 2½-mile Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, and impressive shopping center. But with 14,3 fatal car accidents per 100,000 residents, 14.9% collision risk, and 505 vehicle thefts per year, Tinsel Town’s Florida namesake ranks as the third most dangerous Florida city for drivers.


Hialeah is home to South Florida’s emblematic pink flamingo since Hialeah Park is the only location that managed to be on the linking of the delicate exotic birds. The Hialeah Park colony was used to source pink flamingos to many zoos across North America, including California.

Some of the famous Hialeah flamingos even featured in movies and TV shows like the ‘80s popular crime TV series Miami Vice and Franco Zeffirelli’s neo-noir drama The Champ. But besides flamingos, Hialeah is also known for its high likelihood of traffic collisions (26%), annual car theft rate (685), and fatal car accidents (12.5 per 100,000 residents).

Fort Lauderdale

With its family-friendly beaches, bustling shopping centers, enticing cultural events, and historic districts, Fort Lauderdale is a jampacked tourist attraction. Fort Lauderdale is famous for one of the nation’s highest-rated beaches, offering numerous daytime activities, while its Las Olas Boulevard is a showstopper for its one-of-a-kind nighttime cultural and dining experiences.

But the popular location for family beach vacations is also the Sunshine State’s most dangerous city to drive in. With 16.7 fatal accidents per 100,000 residents, 6.8% collision risk, and 925 car thefts per year, you should drive extra carefully in Fort Lauderdale. And if everything else fails and you do get involved in an ugly traffic collision, make sure that you have the contact info of a seasoned local attorney like this Tampa personal injury lawyer nearby.


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