Florida Netball Association vying for the title of FNA All-Star Champions

LAUDERHILL – Last Saturday, July 15th at the Lauderhill Sports Park there were no league games, but there was much netball to be enjoyed. The sun shone in the sky as if the clouds had been commanded not to put in their appearance; and like the sun, the Northern and Southern Netball Stars were in splendid display as they flashed up and down the netball court vying for the title of FNA All-Star Champions.

Florida Netball Association vying for the title of FNA All-Star Champions
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South Starting Lineup

The starting line-up for the South was laced with stars and they played like it as they were able to take a two point lead over the North at the end of the first quarter. Four USA players started for the South, with Evonne Rezler and Tonya Thomas getting the nod as the shooting stars, and Natalie Cousins and Taneisha Morrison on the defending end.

North Starting Lineup

On the North starting line-up, there seemed to be less star-power with only Karren Clarke at Goal Attack and Jahnelle Whyte at Wing Defence of any renown. USA players, Dailan McArthur, nursing a mild injury, did not take to the court and Audrey Adams did not play until later in the game.

The South lost their two point first quarter lead as the North outscored them in the second quarter 8 goals to 4 to end the half ahead 13 to 11. Clarke played an intense game deep into the centre third to help her team mates Nicola Grant and Alecia Hedgepeth counter the onslaught of the South.

South’s Wing Defence, Charmaine Young was successful in interfering with Hedgepeth’s feeding the circle, while Joan Whitely held her own in the defensive cirle for the North. In spite of a major shuffle by the North, injecting Annette Payne at GS, Adams in the defensive end, and the Cohen twins, Keisha and Nekeisha, into the line-up, the South outscored them 11 to 9, tying the score at 22 by the third quarter. The final major strategic move was made by the South, Switching Morrison to GS to complement the attacking trio of Giselle Moyston, Cornwall and Thomas, and injecting Tiffany Martin at Wing Defence.

One stolen ball and one unforced turnover that were converted into goals, was the final difference in the game that ended with a score of 30 to 28 in favor of the Northern Stars. Karren Clarke, player/assistant coach of the Northern Stars walked away with the Netball All-Star MVP honors.

USANA/FNA President, Edina Bayne says “they are already beginning to plan for next year’s event, which she expects to be even bigger and better”.


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