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Are you looking for activities the kids will like? Maybe you are hosting a children’s party, babysitting, or just wanting to bond with the kids. You want to give them fun activities to enjoy.

Kids can be picky and hard to please, but do not worry. With a little effort, you can create a fun-filled day for the kids. Check out these fun ideas!

Indoor And Outdoor Games

indoor and outdoor games

It is a no-brainer. If you are thinking of what activities children will enjoy, the answer would be games. Kids love to play around with their friends and family. It is one of the fun memories they get to cherish.

Games can be indoors or outdoors. The weather would not stop them from playing. There are also a variety of games they could play. Games can be classic and traditional, or spontaneous.

Water Balloon Fight

Water balloon fight is a classic game that kids will enjoy. What is not to love? Having a friendly competition among friends and acting out a battle is exciting. The kids will have a fantastic time throwing water balloons at each other.

Most of the time, it is not even competitive. It is just a great activity where the kids can bond, laugh around, and spend time together.

Obstacle Course

Children have vast imaginations. If they want to act as spies, create an obstacle course inside your home. They will act like they are on a mission to save the world.

You can be creative with setting up the course. Using crepe paper, you can create a maze in the hallway or room mimicking lasers that the kids should pass and avoid. Hula hoops can also be a great part of the obstacle course.

Arts And Crafts

arts and crafts

For kids who are dreaming of being artists, arts and crafts will be your number one option. They will be over the moon the moment you offer them some art materials. There are so many arts and craft ideas that kids can display or even play with after.

These types of activities will bring out their creativity and let them enjoy their passion. The people behind Red Kite Design believe that creativity comes from skill and experience. Doing simple art projects is an excellent start for practice for kids, even though it is just for fun.

Splash Painting

An art project kids would love splash painting. They do not really need to think of the final output. The point of this activity is to wing it and let the creative juices flow.

Set up a canvas outside and prepare some paints. The kids can just throw any color of paint onto the canvas until it is filled. You can make it much more exciting by filling balloons with some paint and let the kids throw them onto the canvas.

It will be messy, but the kids will have a wonderful time for sure. When they are done, you can let their artwork dry then hang it on a wall.

Science Experiments

Why not combine education and fun? Science experiments are a great way to get the attention of children. They get to see cool stuff, and at the same time, you can incorporate scientific lessons. They will be able to learn while having a great time.

Experiments set a different dynamic for kids. Games may be their top choice of fun, but too much playing will eventually become boring to them. Letting them try science experiments will give them a break from games and discover a different kind of activity to look forward to.

Create A Volcano

Kids want to see something exciting. A great science experiment you can try with them is by making a volcano. This experiment has so much variation. You can be creative on how you will present it to the kids.

The most common way to do this experiment is by mixing water, dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar in a bottle or container. You can even add food coloring so the “lava” will have color.

Combining baking soda and vinegar, which are a base and acid, respectively, causes carbon dioxide to form. The lack of space inside the container (representing the volcano) forces the contents to erupt.

Another way you can do this is with coke and mentos. Pour mentos in a bottle of coke and step back. Coke will be exploding everywhere.

There are so many activities that kids will enjoy. You can let them play different kinds of games. Kids will also have fun trying out science experiments and also learn from them. Creating artworks is also one of the best ideas that the children will love to do.

You do not need to worry about giving the kids a great time. Just think of a game, experiment, or project that you can introduce to them, and they will be excited.



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