Do You Need a Lawyer After Medical Malpractice?

Need a Lawyer After Medical Malpractice

When it comes to personal injuries, medical malpractice is not something with which to trifle.

Think about all the factors that come into play with medical malpractice: first, you’ve got the injury itself. Your doctor or someone else entrusted with your care was negligent or made a mistake and hurt you. You are now the one who has to live with it.

Then, you’ve got the time and effort and money it takes you to get treated for the injury. You’re paying co-pays and various other costs after insurance, or perhaps you don’t have coverage at all.

You’ve already suffered multiple great losses: to your health and your finances. But if you should decide to sue the liable party for medical malpractice, and you choose to represent yourself, you’re left with doing everything alone, from filing paperwork to arguing against the big insurance companies.

Why not hire a lawyer for this, though? There are only benefits in store for you.

So, do you really need a lawyer after suffering from medical malpractice? Here are three reasons you could use a medical malpractice lawyer?

Your Lawyer Will Gather Evidence

When you represent yourself in a civil personal injury suit, it falls to you to prove everything about your case. You have to show that you were indeed hurt, that the treating medical personnel actually made an error that another, competent professional would not have made in the same situation.

You then have to show the legal ramifications of the person’s action or inaction. And you must do all this in the face of lawyers for the defendant, which could be the medical group or insurance company, both of which will have their own lawyers.

With a lawyer on your side, you won’t have to worry about the legal grounds of your case. You won’t have to gather medical and legal documents to submit to the court. You can simply recover while your lawyer does the heavy lifting.

You Can Focus on Yourself

We just mentioned it, but it’s worth expounding upon: if you’ve been hurt due to medical malpractice, you really should focus on your health and family rather than trying to go to court and fight with lawyers and big insurance.

A lawyer would tell you the same thing, to let their team handle your case while you take the time you need to be treated and get your life back on track.

Time with family is time you can never get back, so it’s worth considering whether you really want to get bogged down in courts for potentially a few years after you’ve been hurt.

Your Lawyer Won’t Be Paid Until You Are

If you think you can’t afford a lawyer, think again: there are so many lawyers out there who work on a contingency-fee basis. That means they get paid only when you do. So, that puts the onus on the lawyer to take your case and fight hard for you.

Anything you owe the lawyer will come from the eventual settlement, so it’s not even as if you’re paying out of pocket. You will still have the money you need to pay for treatment.

Overall, hiring a lawyer for your medical malpractice case stands only to benefit you. If you’ve been hurt and haven’t hired a lawyer yet, it’s most certainly worth looking into.



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