Cricket operations ensuring venues well equipped for ICC CWC 2007

TRINIDAD – It’s beginning to look a lot like ICC Cricket World Cup 2007!

Though the start of international cricket’s most prestigious tournament is still three months away, various aspects of the Cricket Operations function are already well in place.

In fact, the 828 balls needed for the entire Event are in the Caribbean while 184 sets of stumps, and covers for all match and practice venues are scheduled to arrive next month.

The balls, which will cover quotas for Match Days, practice sessions, obligations to teams and Match Day replacement balls, were ordered from Australia in July and were recently received by CWC HQ in Jamaica. There will be an allocation of 14 balls per Warm-up venue; 30 balls per Group Stage and per Super 8 venue; 12 balls per Semi-Final and 12 balls for the Final.

“Each of the 16 teams is also entitled to receive practice balls throughout the Cricket World Cup. In keeping with theme of the ‘Best Cricket World Cup Ever,’ CWC has been very generous with the allocation of balls to teams.”
“If a team makes it to the Semi-Final next year, they would have already received 30 practice balls by that stage – and that supersedes previous Cricket World Cups,” said ICC CWC 2007 Cricket Operations Director, Michael Hall.

He also disclosed that 79 sets of specially-branded stumps – in the colour of “ICC night blue” – are expected to arrive in January 2007.

“There is a complete set of stumps per match – 16 Warm-ups and 51 games in the Event proper – (totaling 67 sets) and a spare set for each of the 12 competition venues as back-up.”

“CWC has also ordered 105 sets of plain stumps for the practice venues across the nine Host countries,” elaborated Hall.

State-of-the-art covers for pitches and outfields at all CWC match and practice venues are slated to arrive next month as well. Fixed and portable practice-net systems are also on the way to each of the nine Host Venues for installation at all match and practice venues.

CWC’s Cricket Operations Department also continues to keep teams updated about tournament plans. Today, letters were sent to the 16 Participating Nations regarding the CARICOM Special Visa and outlining how more information on it can be ascertained.

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