Consul General of Jamaica – Miami Independence Day Message

Independence Day message on the occasion of Jamaica 55 – “Celebrating Jamaicans at Home and Abroad”

MIAMI – One of the defining moments in the life of a country is the date on which it proclaims its independence to the community of nations.

It is a bold statement which encapsulates the dreams, aspirations and determination of a people to exert control over their own affairs. It is a declaration to the world of the desire to foster relations with other countries and to assume rights and obligations within the international system. It is asserting national identity through various symbols to the world.

As Jamaica celebrates its 55th year of Independence, we continue to aspire and dream while making our unique and indelible contribution at the global community, far beyond the confines of our natural borders.

This year, Independence is being celebrated under the theme “Celebrating Jamaicans at Home and Abroad”.

This theme recognizes the innate and unshakeable bond that Jamaicans have with their homeland, wherever they are located in the world.

It also praises the contribution that Jamaicans have made, and continue to make, to nation building, whether at home or in the various places in which they have settled.

Jamaicans have excelled in various fields and have risen to the pinnacle of achievement in business, the arts, the sciences, international politics and sports.

Make no mistake about it, Jamaica’s influence on the world is tangible, and this is as a result of the strength, will and determination of the Jamaican spirit.

The Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference that was held in July recognized that Jamaicans across the globe have a role to play in the continued development of the country.

The theme, “Partnering for Growth”, reflects the point of convergence between the Diaspora and the Government of Jamaica to realize significant and sustainable economic growth and prosperity for Jamaicans. Together, we can achieve the goals as iterated in the Vision 2030 Plan, ultimately directed towards making Jamaica the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business.

As we celebrate this 55th year of Independence, we also observe the 145th Anniversary of Kingston as the capital of Jamaica. It is opportune to reflect upon and embrace our colourful history, and honour the sacrifices of our forebears who laid the foundation for nation-building.

On behalf of the Government of Jamaica, it is with sincere gratitude that I acknowledge the contributions made by the hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans within the area of jurisdiction of the Consulate-General to supporting various initiatives in Jamaica.

Through your actions, we are reminded of the generous spirit of Jamaicans. At the same time, I acknowledge the many expressions of friendship extended to our people in the United States of America, where the cordial and respectful relationship between our nations and peoples continues to flourish.

Happy Jamaica 55!

Franz Hall Consul General - Jamaica Independence Day Message on the occasion of Jamaica 55
Franz Hall
Consul General

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