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Community Blog: The Haitian Government – Weak at Best; Non-Existant at Worst

By: Pat White

MIAMI – Lack of good leadership is the reason Haiti seemed to always be on its face. Former Governments have either been ridden with corruption or neglected its people or both. One month after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, 500,000 to one million people are still trying to survive on the streets with no real roofs over their heads.

The world is at Haiti’s beckon call and the Haitian government does not seem to know how to make use of this willingness to help. No one seems to be giving firm directive as to the distribution of aid that has reached Haiti’s shores. The government is not visible nor verbal and no, I don’t believe they are making any difference behind the scenes either. If they were, we would have seen the results. They have found shelter to have their meetings day in and day out, while the aid is still not reaching the people. Other countries are waiting to help. Give your demands. What happens when the rains come? Will flues and pneumonia be the next epidemic. We hope not.

Haiti’s President, Rene Preval

Why do some people refuse to accept the critique of the Haitian Government as weak and useless. Why should this be so hard to believe. It is the result of such lack of leadership and assertiveness why Haiti and its people have always been unable to succeed in nation building. No real concern for its people, no diplomacy, unable to build good relations with developed countries, etc, etc.. A more local and immediate concern is one of logistics and aid distribution. This failure falls squarely on the Haitian Government. If you can’t figure out how to get aid, medicine, tents and cots to your people, step aside and let someone else do the job. Right now it seems the UN is doing everything.

Other countries do not want to come in and take over. They are waiting on direction from the Haitian Government and since they are getting no direction, everyone seems to be confused as to what to do; how much to do and how to do it. In the meantime, the people are trying to make-do, using pieces of wood and zinc, sticks and sheets to find shelter. The Haitian Government needs to take a more assertive role in taking care of the immediate needs of the people. The world is at their doorstep offering their services. This is an opportunity for them to make use of it on behalf of their people.

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