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Commentary With Winston Barnes: More Irony

SOUTH FLORIDA – The newest court case facing the former U.S. President will be of major significance for the country and its claims, up to not long ago, that it is a land of immigrants.

The former President’s roots not that old, can be traced to Europe. The trial judge’s roots are still based in the tiny island nation of Jamaica. These facts demand contemplation.

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Already the former President has had public, and harsh words for the judge. One has to wonder what he is saying about her in private, considering his very publicly displayed disrespect and disdain for women.

That the judge is considered no-nonsense and was appointed by the only black President the U.S. has had we can assume this causing many of the former President’s supporters who just happen to be ardently racist, to think about what the constitution of the country states on who can become a judge.

We can assume too that the President’s supporters, including Jamaicans living in our very community and on the island are wondering if the part of the constitutional provision that allows foreign born citizens to hold certain positions, can be amended. Late for that to many but maybe not for people who believe the former president did not lose the elections of almost three years ago.

But, the upcoming trial of the former President is also going to test the U.S. constitution on other matters like whether a convicted individual, who might just be in prison, can actually serve as the President of these United States.

Everyone, including, and maybe especially Jamaicans the most, need to understand these realities.


Winston Barnes
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Commentary with Winston Barnes: More Drama


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