Commentary with Winston Barnes: GAZA vs GULLY

DAVIE – That the feud between two dancehall performers happens at all should be of some concern to many. But for there to be casual justification of that feud, sometimes very violent should be of major concern for one and all, especially Jamaicans.

A caller to our open mike Tuesday claimed that the gully gaza feud in Jamaica actually helps to generate money for ghetto folk and their associates. When asked if there is no other way to see the feud that is now years old, the caller stuck to his position that the feud generates sales of music product and therefore offers a payday for people who are apparently not otherwise gainfully employed.

Decades ago, popular artistes did engage each other in what than was merely throwing words. The current manifestation is far more violent in both words and actions, and with none of the humour of yester year.

The current mess confirms that the music and its attendant cultural manifestations are merely symptoms of societal disquiet. Like all the unlawful acts committed in ghetto areas, focusing on crime might not offer the solutions being sought. As long as there are the excuses of poverty and unemployment, there will be people ready and willing to rationalize feuds even violent ones connected to music.

Winston Barnes
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