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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Foolishness

Commentary with Winston Barnes: Foolishness
Shoppers not wearing face masks

SOUTH FLORIDA – Whether we believe the conspiracy theory that calling for the reopening of the economy is a move to reduce the population, that might very well happen, with our cooperation.

For one, many of us are allowing politics to cause us to talk a lot of nonsense.

Some utterances have been used as an excuse to brandish not only high powered weapons, but even rocket launchers. They have no idea, it seems, that this is not that kind of war.

But we are killing ourselves no matter what. Look at the many and varied instances where the number of COVID 19 infections soar after a beach party or some other mass gathering.

More people are going to die because of this kind of behaviour.

But the silly and uninformed behaviour is right in our community, as an experience I had yesterday clearly, in my opinion, demonstrates.

So, I am exiting a big box store and two women, maybe in their forties are ahead of me. One is complaining about why they have to take this long route to exit the store, after all they didn’t have to line up to leave the store, does anybody need this kind of exercise, and on and on.

At first I thought she was fooling around but on closer examination i discovered she was not.

The sad irony of this spectacle is that both of these women from appearances could use the little exercise while walking in the opposite direction from those entering the store. But it gets worse, neither of these two women were wearing face masks.

Question is this, when our people die from things like viruses under these circumstances, what kind of a conspiracy theory can they blame for their tragedy?


Commentary with Winston Barnes
Winston Barnes Host – “Open Line” WAVS 1170AM
Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley

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