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Commentary: Crime Destroys Business In Jamaica

By: Professor David P. Rowe

MIAMI – The recent serious increase of crime in Jamaica, particularly the murder of an Assistant Commissioner of Police has sent tremors through the business Community.

In the United States, individuals who have invested in Jamaica on the basis that the country is stable, peaceful and lawful, watch these events in shock. What will happen next? Will this murder and mayhem make Jamaica unattractive for foreign investment?

Even the hardened Jamaica Disaspora cannot believe the news. Many individuals who had intended to retire to Jamaica are reconsidering their options. Is rural Jamaica as safe as the Tourist Board claims it is? The distinguished John Lynch has a big job convincing United States based travel agents that they should encourage their clients to come to a war zone. The all-inclusive hotels will have to erect higher walls to protect the tourists from violence.

Wanton violence will only accelerate the decline of the Jamaican dollar. In fact, what has kept the country stable is the capital injected into the economy by unregistered investment schemes. Now our local banking billionaires have declared war on these also. The JLP Government promised us a pro-business atmosphere, bullets and business do not go together.

David Rowe

David P. Rowe is a Professor at the University of Miami School of Law, and St. Thomas University School of Law

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