Caribclix, The Caribbean’s First Online Advertising Network launches in Jamaica

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Caribclix, the Caribbean’s first online advertising network launched this week, in a bid to carve its share of a US$22billion dollar global industry as reported by PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

As an online ad network, Caribclix offer advertisers the ability to target relevant Jamaican, Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora online audiences at affordable rates with real time tracking and measurable results. It also offers owners of high quality websites the opportunity to earn more money they could on their own or using Google Adsense.

“What Jamaican and Caribbean companies now have is a single entity that makes it easy for them to target customers online in an effective, affordable and measureable way”, Chad Cunningham, Director of Caribclix at the company’s seminar held for advertisers in Kingston at the Hilton Hotel this week.

The company reports that, already a large group of high quality site owners across industries
such as traditional media (radio,TV,newspapers), social networks, travel, ecommerce, entertainment, online communities, portals, dating sites, search directories based inside and outside of the region, have signed on with Caribclix.

Additionally, at the seminar the dynamic company signed up a cadre of Jamaican advertisers who attended.

“The advertisers realized that their Jamaican,Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora customers are online and spending increasingly more time there and that they need to put their products, brands, services in front of them. They understood that and some Jamaican and regional
advertisers signed up on spot, with others making commitments for buys within the next 14 days. The seminar was a success,” Cunningham added.

Caribclix stated that its online reach is tangible and reaches more Caribbean consumers online than any other company. In fact, Internet World Stats puts the current online Caribbean Internet population at just over 2M in the English, French & Dutch Speaking Caribbean. And this with the current average Internet penetration of 20%.

Additionally, with an estimated just over 3 million individuals of Caribbean descent in the US, UK & Canada and over 1M are online, the total current online population is over 3M.

Caribclix was formed on the basis of these regional and global trends, which are familiar to the the company’s five principals who are all tech entrepreneurs themselves, with a combined 45
years in the Tech industry covering a range of expertise including- web development, ecommerce, internet marketing, mobile marketing, online publishing and social networks.

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