Caribbean People International Collective Inc. Kick Starts “Guyana Relief Fund”

Caribbean People International Collective Inc. Kick Starts “Guyana Relief Fund”

BROOKLYN, N.Y. CaribPRNewswire- Answering to the call for help from flooded and battered families of Guyana, the Caribbean People International Collective Inc., (CPIC), today appealed to U.S. nationals and Guyanese living abroad to generously donate cash contributions towards the immediate relief and rehabilitation/reconstruction.

Checks can be written in the name of “CPIC Inc Relief Fund” and mailing to 4710 Church Ave, 3rd Floor Brooklyn, New York 11203. Donations could also be completed through website using Network for Good.
Donations may be tax-deductible. Canned goods, personal hygiene items and first aide kits donations are accepted at CPIC’s HQ 4710 Church Ave, 3rd Floor Brooklyn, New York 11203 and Phoenix Design, 4702 14 Street Washington DC 20307.

The “CPIC Guyana Relief Fund” ( has swung into action with the following organizations: CPIC Inc, Anne Blue Scholarship Fund, and Phoenix Designs – to aid in this humanitarian need. The groups are organizing fundraiser drives during the upcoming 8 weeks collectively. The Guyanese and American community is supporting CPIC’s “Guyana Relief Fund” fundraisers whole-heartedly.

See web site for items currently being accepted or call 703 441-2619.
Guyana has appealed to international donors to help its population deal with the worst floods in more than a century, in which at least two persons died. According to the U.S. State Department, “All public water systems should be considered contaminated the Guyana Defense Force and police have been deployed but are struggling to keep up with the demands for assistance. The outdoor markets which provide fresh fruits and vegetables are flooded. Stores are well stocked but running short of bread. Many pharmacies are closed. Water levels on roads are often deeper than they appear and towing services are almost non-existent.”

Doctors treated hundreds of people for skin rashes and other ailments that have broken out after more than a week of floods, officials said Tuesday.
Volunteers from Monique’s Helping Hands and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have swung into action and are preparing to provide the much- needed services to the victims. Emergency services including food packets, drinking water, first-aide supplies are being accepted as donations for shipment and will be provided to persons affected. CPIC will channel the contributions to the above mentioned and other voluntary NGOs in Guyana subject to their meeting official requirements.

Phoenix Designs is a Guyanese female-owned Bridal and Art Boutique business located in Washington D.C., serving the Virginia, District of Columbia and the Maryland communities. Owner, Joan Sealey has volunteered her services and monetary donations assisting in the Caribbean Community both in the US and Guyana.

Anne Blue Scholarship Fund is a non-profit tax- exempt organization founded by friends of Anne Blue. During the last twenty years the fund has provided scholarships to Guyanese students through out Guyana. Ms. Hyacinth Blue has aided in many humanitarian efforts in Guyana to include assistance to persons living with HIV/AIDS in Guyana.

CPIC Inc., is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious and tax-exempt organization registered under Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3). Founded by Dawn C. Stewart, she has worked tirelessly to assist in health issues amongst Caribbean-Americans. She founded AIDS Walk Caribbean, Caribbean Days on Capitol Hill and has received several awards for her work in Guyana and the USA during the past five years CPIC Inc provided Guyana with twenty thousands dollars in assistance (medical supplies) which directly benefited the Georgetown Hospital and programs that benefit hundreds of disadvantaged children, women and HIV/AIDS support. During the Grenada Hurricane relief CPIC provided several hundred dollars of food to the Grenadian government through the Embassy of Grenada.

CPIC Inc., in America is entirely administered by volunteers who receive no honorarium of any kind. This helps CPIC Inc in maintaining near zero percent overheads. Thus, 100% of contributions will be disbursed directly to the NGOs helping the Caribbean and Guyana. More information about CPIC’s mission and programs can be found on the website

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