Caribbean-American launches web-site that promotes Black History 366 Days of the year

Miami – Americans have recognized Black History annually since 1926, first as “Negro History Week” and later as “Black History Month.” “We felt that our history was much too important to be celebrated not only for one month, but the shortest month of the year” explained Brad Hemmings, the founder of the website

Hemmings who is Caribbean-American and his associates created to promote African-American achievement throughout the year. “There are interesting facts for each day of the year, all 365 of them; 366 of them this year; did you know that there are at least four prominent African Americans born on February 29th?” Hemmings asked. The site’s mission is to encourage recognition of Black History beyond the month of February by providing information on a day-to-day basis.

Visitors to are encouraged to subscribe to a newsletter that provides a fact and quote of the day. While browsing the site, visitors may research historical facts on famous and lesser known African American figures while participating in discussions with others with common interests.

The site’s contributors worked for several months carefully researching and verifying data. “Our main goal is to inspire the leaders of tomorrow” explained Bernard Rouzeau, the site’s creative director. Hemmings added “we are engaging our community to realize that history is not a thing of the past, we are making history right now; our actions today will be the history of tomorrow.” Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is the topic of the most recent entry in the database; January 3rd, 2008 notes that the Democratic candidate made history as “the first African American to win a US presidential primary/caucus.”

The site states that it will be a perpetual work in progress as African Americans continue to make history. “Let’s see what happens in November!” Hemmings added with a teasing smile.

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