Caribbean American Artist Manager, Natasha Thomas Launches The On Agency

Artists Gain Instant Multi-Media Access in North America, Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean with The On Agency
Caribbean American Artist Manager, Natasha Thomas Launches The On Agency
Natasha Thomas

SOUTH FLORIDA – Natasha Thomas, marketing and media guru, artist manager and booking agent announces the launch of The On Agency which puts artists in the hands of millions of fans, and on the screens of streaming subscribers worldwide.

Using the term ‘glass to glass,’ Thomas’s The On Agency takes artists and their brands from TV glass to smartphone glass with one click and on an international level.  Thanks to her teaming of key players in the industry, the multi-step process of getting content into fans hands has been revolutionized because of The On Agency’s ability to sync artists content in North America, Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean simultaneously.

What’s more, streaming subscribers will have access to The On Agency content beginning in late 2018.

Speaking to media, including L3 Magazine, Thomas said “we are focused on immediate placement of an artists’ content which moves above and beyond social media, to making them permanently available on themed programming on devices such as Roku and Firestick.  We have brought artists from the way things were, to the way things are now and we feel very good about that.”

Not only is The On Agency focused on the streaming of artists media, they are also focused on moving artists across North America, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean for performances and collaborations with fellow artists in their respective region.  “Now that the artists music and image will be synced across multiple platforms, it’s time to sync their collaborations as well” she added.

O’Brian Hayes, manager of Synergy TV and based in Trinidad and Tobago, plays a principle role in the delivery and population of content ‘glass to glass.’

O’Brian will ensure that every smartphone, and all streaming customers have access to programming. Signature TV shows such as Concert Series, and Synergy TV Supermodel made the station (Synergy TV) stand out when Roku and Firestick came knocking.

“This is definitely a game changer” O’Brian said “our artists will be front and center and will take a priority position when it comes to programming.  Also, adding the Synergy TV Brand to The On Agency balances our vision of reaching fans where they are while building on our platform for artists to reach those fans.”

Omari Eugene, a well known producer in the Latin and Caribbean marketplace has worked with some of the top musical talents, and has seen the need from stage show producers who want to include Caribbean acts in the Latin market grow from a handful, to the need for many.  “I get calls every day from festival organizers who are looking to book artists for shows.  There is great demand for Caribbean culture.  Also, Latin artists want to collaborate with Caribbean artists so the market is ready for more of this.”

Natasha Von Castle, whose portfolio includes publicity and music distribution, focuses on content and growing the number of radio stations and media outlets sharing the music and news about artists including latest accomplishments and milestones.

 “Radio and TV are important engines that promote artists.  As such, all radio stations and TV personalities are our partners who maintain artists music and videos in the minds of consumers.  We need to feed media more information so they have fresh content, and not just reply on an artists’ Instagram feed for news.”

Winnie Kigara, co-founder of W&R Projects, a diversified African based entertainment company, has achieved the goal of connecting artists brands to fans through culture and  music.

According to, it is estimated the African market represents $49 Million streaming dollars which will grow to $59 Million by 2020.  With these numbers in mind, Winnie believes that “collaborations between African and Caribbean and Latin artists is beneficial to fans and financially prosperous.  We are creating our own trends and driving the market for profit.”

Using technology, they have made it easier for fans to listen to their choice in music and collaborations.  Thanks to W&R, distance is no longer an obstacle for artists to expand into different markets and reach their fans.

Dennis Salmon, former president of Caribbean United, adds his experience as road manager and musical director to The On Agency. Having toured the world with artists such as Everton Blender, Dennis has developed key relationships with venue’s and talent buyers in North and South America, the UK and Europe.  From small intimate engagements to larger stage shows and festivals, Dennis properly routes artists tours making for a smoother experience for all involved.

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