Barbados ‘No. 1 spot’ for celebs according to Expedia

BARBADOS – Barbados has won the world’s number one celebrity destination hot spot for 2007 as listed by the website – an internationally recognised travel website.

Barbados beat out several top destinations including Dubai which came in second place; French Riviera, third place; Las Vegas, fourth; and Los Angeles, fifth.

Other destinations beaten by Barbados include Madrid, sixth place; Miami, seventh place; New York, eighth place; Paris, ninth place, and Rio de Janeiro tenth place.

The website described Barbados as a resort where “celebrity spotting is probably the hottest sport on this Caribbean island”.

The site also mentioned: “Mick Jagger, Sting, the Beckhams and the Blairs go regularly to top up their tans; and golfer Tiger Woods got married in the renowned Sandy Lane hotel.”

It told travellers that they “. . . could also try spotting the stars on the celebrity strip near Holetown, (St James).”

Chay Davis, consultant corporate communications officer at the Barbados Tourism Authority, said Barbados had long been a signature iconic destination for the rich and famous.

“Celebrities flock to the island not only because of its tropical year round weather and breathtaking vistas, but also due to its reputation as a very friendly, safe and secure destination,” added Davis, who said celebrities can enjoy a high degree of anonymity in Barbados.

Barbados also ranked as the world’s second best honeymoon destination – behind the Bahamas, while beating out Paris, France – and the world’s third best beach holiday, after Antigua and Barbuda, and Phuket – an island off the Andaman Sea.

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