American Airlines and Bermuda To Partner On Flight To Haiti

HAMILTON, Bermuda – Bermuda’s Premier, Dr. Brown confirmed a partnership between Bermuda and American Airlines (AA) for a relief flight to Haiti.

Dr. Brown said that he “and Mrs. Brown are donating the first $10,000 for the cost of the flight to Haiti.”

In his one-day trip to Miami Thursday (Jan. 21), Dr. Brown met with Senior VP Peter Dolara of AA. Mr. Dolara proposed that AA would fly a Boeing 737 to Haiti filled with water, milk and medical supplies. The food and supplies have already been collected and are stored in Miami. Bermuda would be credited with the donation if Bermuda pays $60,000 to AA for the flight.

Dr. Brown said that he hoped that five companies or civic groups or churches or individuals would each pay $10,000 to make up the remaining cost. In return, each would get one seat on the aircraft for the return trip from Miami to Port-au-Prince.

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