Alex Kleyner From Store2Door Opening Miami Office In 2022

Store2Door Opening Miami Office

Founder and CEO of Store2Door Alex Kleyner in Miami, an international online delivery service, Alex Kleyner, has supplied consumers from certain countries across the globe with the opportunity to benefit from American-made and/or branded products at reasonable costs.

Since its inception, the company has further expanded its operations and now serves as a local delivery service for the fresh market retail that guarantees order delivery at the doorstep of the customer within 30 minutes.  The degree of Alex’s success can be measured by the fact that the company is already providing its services in 350 cities and towns across the United States.  The growth opportunities of the company have also been harnesses to extend its operations to countries in Latin America and Central America.

To highlight even further expansion in the United States, Alex has revealed plans to operate a new office in Brickell with impressive plans to focus on Latin America.  Miami is seen as the ideal location to set up shop for this venture.

An increasing number of Latin Miami residents are shopping internationally for products and having them shipped back to places like Brazil and Colombia.  This set off a light bulb for the entrepreneur signaling the right time to extend operations into new markets.  There is a growing need to facilitate the shipping of their merchandise and Store2Door is making it happen.  Operating as a one-stop shop and ship solution, Store2Door occupies prime space as one of the international businesses with efficient systems which assist individuals in shopping anywhere and having their products quickly and seamlessly shipped.

Miami Residents: A Reflection

Opening the office in Brickell, which is located just south of Downtown Miami, is an obvious indication of Store2Door being in solidarity with the residents and visitors to the city.   Alex has stated that bringing their services close to the people in Miami is a distinct pleasure.  He went on to state that he is happy to be partnering with the people of Miami and assisting them in purchasing goods from across the globe.  The company is ready to ship the customer’s purchases to their desired places, whether domestically or back home in South America.

To get this done, Store2Door is strengthening its expanding delivery network, a cost-effective supply chain, which has effectively provided service to than 350 cities and towns.  With the experience of working in over 300 outlets, Store2Door is uniquely poised to support individuals living or visiting Miami in doing their shopping.  This is another one of the various companies moving to Florida from California.

Through its state-of-the-art call center, which provides support 24 hours a day to all of its customers across the outlets, Store2Door guarantees efficient service to all.  It is the belief of Store2Door that the “customer is king” and this has been so instrumental in assisting them in designing the distribution services that are trustworthy.  Alex Kleyner has noted that he strongly believes that customers have been quite involved in placing the company among the market leaders and making them one of the most desirable channels of delivery across the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Dedication to Customers

Store2Door seeks to provide customers with a solution to problems they have been having for a while but have not been able to get them solved efficiently.   For many, spending countless hours in an attempt shop for the best platform to guarantee safety and quick delivery across the United States has been a major holdup for many residents of Miami.  To assist with providing the solutions, Alex Kleyner and Store2Door are pleased to make a victorious entry into Miami to again make shoppers feel satisfied.



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