6 Ways to Boost Your Child’s School Performance

6 Ways to Boost Your Child's School Performance

Kids rely on support from their parents for academic success. When parents are involved in their child’s academic life and extracurricular activities, that student is more likely to achieve excellence.

There are several things parents can do to boost both their child’s confidence just by showing more interest in their life at school. Keep reading for six of the best ways parents can show support and boost a child’s school performance.

1) Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences Regularly

Going to parent-teacher conferences is important, especially once your child is beginning elementary. The first back-to-school night is fun for your child; they get to show you around their classroom and recent projects they’re proud of. You can get to know your student’s teachers, administrators, and school policies.

Parents should stay informed by attending the conferences at each progress reporting period. The teacher will know their students better at this stage, and parents can determine how their children are doing at each checkpoint. Going to meetings is one of the best ways to let kids know that what happens at school will be known and supported at home.

2) Hire High-Quality Tutors

One-on-one tutoring is great for students that need extra help in school. Parents may not know about many topics students learn in school. Even a session or two a week can make all the difference for a struggling student.

Some parents like to ask another child a few years older to tutor. However, a local college-educated student, like a UConn graduate, is a better idea. College-educated adults have comprehensive knowledge of advanced subjects; some are even trained in education and know how to get through to struggling students.

3) Prepare Your Student Everyday

Two things are crucial to your student’s performance: sleep and nutrition. You should make sure your student gets at least eight to ten hours of sleep every night, but ten to 12 is ideal.

Some things can disrupt your child’s sleep schedule, like TV, homework, or sports. However, you should encourage them to prioritize school by maximizing the sleep they get most nights. Giving your child a nutritious breakfast is the best way to prepare them for school each morning.

4) Teach Your Student Organizational Skills

When your student is organized, they can spend time working instead of worrying about hunting down their supplies. At the elementary level, give them a homework folder and assignment book, so they can keep track of the school schedule.

To-do lists are always a good idea, and you can include things like homework and chores. Organizational skills can carry on for the rest of your child’s life, so be sure to try these tactics early; they’re more likely to stick.

5) Volunteer at the School

Volunteering at your child’s school is a great way to show your student you’re interested in their education. You can plan class parties, chaperone field trips, or even work in the library.

Sometimes, a child can feel uncomfortable with the parent’s presence at school. If this is the case, try a more behind-the-scenes approach.

No matter what, getting involved at school benefits you, your child’s school, and your child.

6) Focus On What Your Child Likes

Children pick up on topics faster when they’re interested in the subject. If your student likes dinosaurs and planes, try to involve that in homework and studying. You can also find books and more about dinosaurs or whatever your student likes.

Be An Involved Parent

Students do especially well at school when their parents are supporting them. Helping your child with homework, going to events, and teaching organizational skills can make all the difference. There isn’t only one learning style, so encourage your child to get excited about school by showing up and supporting their endeavors; it will improve their quality of life.



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