5 Innovations in Online Gambling in 2020

How do you think online gambling looked like five years ago? Technology is one of the versatile aspects that has changed human life in many ways. It is also responsible for the online gambling technology that we enjoy today.

For the casino players, keeping up with the casino trends can be difficult. However, through this article, our expert Jacek Michalski elaborates more about the trends (you can also check his author profile here). Continue reading to understand.

If you have been wondering about the innovations, you don’t need to do so anymore because these sections enlighten better about them;

Adoption of VR in Gambling

Both Virtual and augmented reality are major innovations in the gambling industry. You can enjoy your gambling experience using VR gadgets (Glasses and headset). They bring the visual and audio experience to you.

You can see and hear your favourite casino sounds, from rolling dice to flipping cards. Also, interaction with the players during the game is possible.

Mobile Gaming Services

Is there anything that a mobile phone cannot do? Our normal smartphones have, over the years, changed the way we live through their amazing features. They have also changed the way we play in casinos.

Instead of visiting your physical casino to enjoy your favourite game, you can visit your favourite casino’s website on your phone and play. You can also enjoy your favourite slot games online, wherever you are.

The Use of 5G Technology in Gambling

Remember when 4G was on the way, we could not wait to use it. However, Poland has introduced 5G, which is now making communication better. It was introduced in cities like Warsaw, Gdansk, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw and Katowice in May 2020.

Adoption of the faster network enhances effective online gambling with fast responses and better displays. Other networks such as 2G can not do that as expected. Visiting platforms such as joycasino is thus now at the click of a button. Streaming games is also now easy as players do not have to worry about speeds.

Facial Recognition Systems

Introduction of facial recognition safety systems is one of the biggest innovations championed by casino technology. The technology has helped in eradicating petty crimes at the casino spots.

Introduction of this new security feature ensures that you can safely access your games online- because it denies access to any faces other than yours. Like VR, it is, however, expensive and may not be available to all online casinos.

Use of Applications and Software Systems

The rise of covid-19 made a lot of things shift online. As a result, online casinos ensure that gambling lovers get the best out of their online gambling experience. Therefore, many of them developed Apps that enable their users to access the platforms conveniently and play their favourite games.

You do not need to go to your favourite online casino’s official website to access the services. All you need is to download their app to your phone or computer and get started.

Better tips on how to utilize the innovative features

Below are some of the things you can consider to make your experience when utilizing the various innovations.

Put your Security First

In case your online gambling platform of choice has not introduced facial recognition security features, ensure you are careful enough to protect yourself and your data. You can do that by finding a better site for you.

Be responsible

Innovations have been integrated into most gambling sites to ensure you get the best online gambling experience. Be careful not to get carried away. Be responsible for the amount of time, energy, and money that you put into it.

Be wary of the platforms you use

There are thousands of online casino platforms today. However, not all of them are safe. You need to ensure that you only play on verified sites and platforms.

Do proper research

Doing the proper research before starting or continuing with your online gaming ensures you only engage on the best. Also, you will be safe as you enjoy your favorite game.

The online gambling space has changed a lot over the last decade. Above are just some of the innovations that have dominated space in the last year.




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