5 Alternative Outdoor Team Building Activities to Inspire Your Staff

5 Alternative Outdoor Team Building Activities to Inspire Your Staff

Get out of the office and skip the escape room! Here are 5 alternative outdoor team building activities that everyone on staff will rave about.

The cast of America’s hit TV show, The Office, would totally benefit from some solid outdoor team-building exercises. Now, regardless of whether or not your office is like The Office, outdoor education reaps tons of benefits to building community and trust.

That’s right! Outdoor education can make a difference even when you’ve passed your student years.

So if you’re looking for a way to develop some corporate cooperation, here are five fun outdoor team-building activities and games for you to try out with your team.

  1. Stay Afloat 

One interesting activity you can try with your employees or coworkers is building a raft. Go outside and either provide or scavenge for raft-building materials and then get constructing.

This activity requires a lot of teamwork and analysis as well as some risk. After all, you have to test out if the raft actually works in order to get it right!

  1. A Narrow Escape 

This next activity is an oldie but a goodie. The Spiderweb activity requires two trees, a lot of string, and some duct tape.

You’ll want to construct a spiderweb by wrapping the yarn between the trees horizontally and vertically and using the duct tape to create different-sized holes. Soon you’ll see a spiderweb in front of you.

The goal of this activity is for your team to work together to pass each member through the spiderweb by using a different hole for each member and not letting them touch the string at all (if they touch, it’s back to square one). It’s a tricky challenge, but very rewarding at the end.

  1. A Friendly Brawl 

If you’re hoping to have a little fun with everyone, archery tag is the activity for you. Combine dodgeball, archery, and paintball for an exhilarating experience with your coworkers and/or employees!

It’s a fun work outing that can foster some good memories and help team members feel more like a family that works together.

  1. Reach New Heights 

For a little more thrill, a high ropes course is the perfect solution. Your team can learn how to belay, balance, and truly reach new heights.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but if your whole team is down, it can do wonders for building a really great community. You have to truly care and trust each other when operating high ropes courses, and also take risks!

  1. Cool Off 

Finally, there’s a fun rally of water volleyball for some enjoyable water activity. For this outdoor activity, you play volleyball with a water balloon by catching and launching the balloon using towels.

So, this game requires partners and teams and will end the day with laughs and probably a few splashes!

Outdoor Team Building to the Rescue!

Now you have five awesome options to introduce to your office for some solid outdoor team building. Try any or all of these out and watch your workspace develop into a true team and community that hopefully lasts for a very long time.

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