$25 Million Available to Miami Dade Homebuyers through Mortgage Revenue Bonds

MIAMI-DADE – The Housing Finance Authority (HFA) of Miami-Dade County is among the first agencies in the nation to issue Mortgage Revenue Bonds under temporary special authority of the U.S. Treasury Department. A total of $25 million is now available at below market interest rates for low- to-moderate-income homebuyers in Miami-Dade.

Mortgage Revenue Bonds

“We were in a position to take advantage of a one-time opportunity to have the Department of Treasury purchase our Mortgage Revenue Bonds at rates that have not been available since economic and market forces collapsed in 2008,” said HFA Director Patricia Braynon. “The process was arduous but well worth the effort to secure funding resulting in a 30-year, 4.95 percent fixed interest rate mortgage loan.”

The first-time homebuyer requirement has been waived, and Miami-Dade’s HFA has also included funds for down payment assistance of $7,500 for eligible home buyers.

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“This program is designed for buyers who may have been afraid to purchase due to market uncertainty,” said Don Horn, Chairman of the HFA Board of Directors. “Lenders, realtors and other mortgage Industry partners have been waiting for a program like this. They know the Bond program has a track record which is consistent, reliable and steadfast. They know that bond mortgage rates are fixed, loan terms are consistent, and final monthly payments will be within a family’s budgetary limits.”

For more information about the newest low interest rate home mortgage program in Miami-Dade County, please call (786) 331-5361 for program information, or visit for a list of participating lenders.


– $25 million available

-Funds held in a first‐come, first‐served pool

– Two loan options for homebuyers:

1) 4.95% with 0% origination and 0% discount

2) 4.82% with 1% origination and 0% discount

– Down Payment Assistance available in the amount of $7,500

– First‐time Homebuyer Requirement Waived

The Housing Finance Authority works to alleviate the shortage of affordable residential housing available for low-income to moderate-income families and individuals in Miami-Dade County. As a financing conduit, the HFA issues mortgage revenue bonds to provide capital for investment in-single- and multi-family housing.


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