Workshop for South Florida Black business professionals interested in Non-Profit Board Service

Miami – The Young Professionals Network, a Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce initiative, in conjunction with C-One, will offer a training and information session, Thursday September 4th, 2008, for South Florida Black business professionals who are interested in Non-Profit Board Service. The seminar will be held in the United Way’s Ryder Room from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

According to C-One, the Center on Nonprofit Effectiveness powered by Hands On Miami, today’s companies recognize the benefit of nonprofit board service for their employees; citing leadership development and community networking opportunities as added value. Attracting and retaining this new generation of employees means meeting company expectations for corporate social responsibility and continuous opportunities to make a difference in their communities.

“Professional growth and maturation is so much more than advancements in the workplace. It’s also about serving our communities and being a vehicle of positive change. This workshop will prepare Young Professionals who are ready to make that commitment, and who are ready to uplift their communities, through purposeful leadership, while climbing the peak toward self-actualization.” Bill Diggs, CEO & President of the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce.

The opportunities that active Board participation affords, are numerous. Linda Schotthoefer, Executive Director of C-One, adds “There are over 7300 non-profit organizations in Miami-Dade; that’s a 30 percent increase since 1999. That translates to 76’741 jobs and $12.6 billion dollars generated in Miami-Dade county alone! A diverse community, like Miami-Dade County, needs diverse organizational leaders, that’s why C-One is a part of this workshop partnership. The infrastructure is there, we just need to match that with quality professionals.”

The three-hour “Introduction to Board Service” training, conducted by C-One, will prepare attending young professionals for service on nonprofit boards. The course is intended to introduce participants to the importance of making the commitment to become leaders within various boards.

Participants will learn how the nonprofit sector differs from the business sector and government, the basic and core principles of every board member’s legal responsibilities, the role and responsibilities of board committees and officers, the relationship between career and board membership/involvement, and how to research and find the “right fit” on a board that matches individual interest.

“As emerging leaders in the South Florida community, a program like this is absolutely important. We need to ensure that we arm ourselves with the necessary tools to be a part of boards that directly affect our communities. We are the representatives and voices of our communities.” Thamiah L. Tutt, Civic Committee Chair, Young Professionals Network

Following the training session, seminar participants will be invited to attend a “Board Match” pool and networking soirée, an opportunity to meet with CEOs and board members from local nonprofits with open board positions. The September 11th reception will be hosted by Circle of One Marketing at its Midtown Design Studios offices in the Wynwood Arts District from 6:30pm to 8:30 p.m. Matching services are provided by C-One.

The cost to participate in these events is $25 for YPN members and $55 for non-members. Call the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce to RSVP.

For more information on these and other events, as well as membership information, call the Chamber at (305) 751-8648 or visit

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