Women Vote Florida Calls on 50,000 Women to Pledge to Vote

Roxey C. Nelson, Vice President, Politics and Strategic Campaigns, Women Vote Florida

Roxey C. Nelson, Vice President, Politics and Strategic Campaigns, Women Vote Florida

Women Vote Florida Issue Call To Action, Urging 50,000 Women To Sign Commitment Card In Honor Of Disenfranchised Black Women

MIAMI – Women Vote Florida, a campaign facilitated by a coalition of progressive women, non-profit partner organizations, and community influencers, has created a statewide effort to increase voting among women, while demanding a system that is free from systemic racism.

Women in Florida are urged to join the movement by signing the pledge card committing to vote and encouraging their networks to elect leaders who will fight for policy reform that protects all women, with a specific focus on Black and brown women.

One hundred years ago, America passed the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote who were united in the fight for progress. However, even after this groundbreaking milestone, Black American females were left behind as racist and oppressive voting policies and practices were enacted to suppress the Black vote.

Despite this oppression, Black women played a pivotal role at that moment in history by organizing the vote, creating political clubs, raising money, and paying voter’s poll taxes.

“Florida women are lifting our voices and mobilizing to create a feminist economy that is inclusive of compensation for the invisible work of homemakers and caretakers, paid sick leave, universal basic income, and accessible and quality universal child and health care – regardless of immigration status said Roxey C. Nelson, Vice President, Politics and Strategic Campaigns, Women Vote Florida.

With 29 electoral votes, arguably Florida is one of the most contested and polarized states in any national election. Women Vote Florida, a brainchild of Florida for All Education Fund, is committed to having women’s voices heard in the 2020 election and is encouraging 50,000 women to sign the pledge card HERE.

Studies show citizens who make a pre-election commitment to vote, are more likely to actually vote.

New video released shares reflections of the role of Black women in the suffrage movement 

Women Vote Florida has also released a new “real women” video that highlights the 100 plus women on the November ballot statewide and voices the values of its non-partisan coalition.

The video talks about the turbulent history and suppression of female voters, especially Black women, who have endured on their path to gaining full voting rights with the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


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