Why People Battling Substance Abuse Don’t Ask For Help

Deborah King - Why People Battling Substance Abuse Don’t Ask For Help
Deborah King

SOUTH FLORIDA – October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month and Intervention and Recovery Life Coach, Deborah King, daughter of boxing promoter legend Don King has kicked-off her campaign to share her story and encourage others who are struggling with substance abuse / drug addiction.

She recently spoke to a crowd of over 100,00 people who were in attendance at the inaugural Unite to Face Addiction Rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC earlier this month (Oct. 2015).

King battled her addiction publicly, during her DUI arrest in 2006, that also resulted in a drug possession charge. The arrest played out in national newspapers like USA Today and other publications.

Here is a drug treatment center to help you battle addiction and there are many others.

In September 2014, Deborah earned a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from South University and is now a certified Intervention and Recovery Life Coach.

Drug addiction plagues more than 85 million people. “I knew the time for help had arrived when I wasn’t mentally present for my mother. I entered rehab the day before her surgery and was told she wouldn’t pray for herself, but requested a prayer for me. I got on my knees and lifted both hands and asked God to remove my burden to defeat this demon named addiction. The rest is History, ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD GO I”. Deborah King-

FEAR is the biggest underlying factor of why people who suffer from substance abuse don’t ask for help:

  1. Fear of denial: Fear to finally face the fact that you too have a problem and it’s not your imagination.
  1. Fear of exposure: To tell someone means that someone other than yourself is aware that there is      a problem.
  1. Fear of asking for help: This encompasses both pride and ego and feelings that one is weak if they seek help.
  1. Fear of failure: what if I relapse? I’m not worth it. One must understand that it is progress not perfection, it’s not how you fall down , but how you get up.
  1. Fear of success: This is the hardest of them all, They have no idea how good life can be, why they are deserving of a good life , and what will life be like without drugs? They were comfortable in the old life, now they must begin again.

There are 3 C’s of life or recovery: CHOICE,CHANCE,AND CHANGE.  You must make the CHOICE,  to take the CHANCE, if you want to CHANGE  your life.


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