Why Employers Source for New Candidates

Why Employers Source for New Candidates

Sourcing is an important part of any company’s strategy. “What is sourcing?” The term simply means to proactively seek out new job candidates, such as searching through resume databases, online communities, and membership directories. Although employee referrals have long been the top source of hires, social networks like LinkedIn have become critical too.

It’s typically part of a recruiter’s job to continuously source for the types of candidates that might be a good fit for a role in their company. 

A Pipeline of Qualified Candidates 

Employers source for new candidates in order to build a pipeline so that they have talent available to turn to when the need arises. Otherwise, they’ll be behind the game when it comes time to fill a position. That’s incredibly valuable when you consider that starting from scratch can take several months or more.

It Reduces the Cost and Time it Takes to Hire

Sourcing helps to nurture relationships with potential candidates long before the need to fill a position arises, which means there will be a pipeline of vetted talent to contact when a job opens up.

That shortens the cycle of filling roles soon after they’re identified. Recruiters and hiring managers no longer simply place an ad and wait for the right person to apply, the screen process has already started. In some cases roles can be filled up to four times faster. Not only does that cut time, but it reduces the costs of hiring across the board.

Improving Diversity

When an employer doesn’t have to rush to fill a role, they won’t feel pressured to make a quick hire. Those often come from referrals, whether in-house or former colleagues which can result in a homogenized organization as employees typically refer candidates that are similar to themselves. When a pipeline of solid candidates is built ahead of time it provides time to engage with underrepresented talent and get them interested in the organization.

A diverse workplace brings in more ideas due to wide ranging backgrounds, skills, experiences, and perspectives that can increase the potential for greater productivity. 

A Potentially Better Hire

The way sourcing is used today it can provide a better, behind-the-scenes look at candidates, through their LinkedIn page, Twitter account, blog, and so on. That often includes mutual connections that will be more likely to provide an honest opinion as to their experiences working with that candidate.

More Connections Helps to Build an Employer Brand

Sourcing new candidates naturally helps to build relationships. Over time, even candidates who aren’t looking to switch jobs in the near future are likely to tell their friends, family, and co-workers about your company.

The word is also likely to spread via social networking, with all of that helping to build your employer brand so that talent sees your organization as trustworthy and the “sourcer,” as an ally. Your organization’s reputation will spread behind the specific talent community to those who wouldn’t have heard about it otherwise. All of that aids recruitment efforts which can be critical for hiring the best possible candidates. 


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