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As the live sporting betting business continues to boom due to the high level of demand, many entrepreneurs are thinking about investing in the business and opening a live sports platform of their own.

Selecting the right software helps your business be at the top and ensures you draw in more customers and make more profit. This guide will help you to start fast and come up with good live sports betting software. But first, let us look at why live sports are popular in the iGaming world.

The popularity of Live Sports in The World of Betting

Betting is as old as sports itself; it goes hand in hand with sports so that people enjoy watching the games and place bets intending to double the fun and also win some money. Over the years, betting has grown into a large-scale industry with many different forms of betting. Nowadays, this industry is worth billions of dollars. Present-day platforms focus on top sports, which are known to get the attention of bettors as they intend to make a profit from these sports. For instance, such globally popular games as football, basketball, hockey, or tennis.

However, technological advancements have given room for the emergence of a new type of entertainment – live sports. Ant nowadays they are getting bigger and bigger in the world of iGaming. Most bettors now even prefer live sports for various apparent reasons, including diversity, accessibility, an abundance of payment options, and so on. Live sports betting has become popular among bettors as they can easily place bets while lying on their bed without even leaving the comfort of their homes. Similarly, as most European countries have gone away from cash payments, placing bets on live sports has been made easier for players as they can use a variety of payment options, including MasterCard, Visa, etc.

Because live sports is now so popular in the world of iGaming and players have various betting platforms to choose from, prospective betting platforms must give preference to the right live sports software to become player’s favorites.

Guide to Choosing Live Sports Betting Software

There are many software types available on the market today, but not all of them are ideal for your business. Some are better than others, and if you want great returns, you need to go with the best. Knowing this, here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing live betting software.


Although all software has similar functions, their individual features can vary dramatically, depending on the provider. The characteristics of some software are more user-friendly and generally better than others. Make sure that your software features elements like pre-match, bets variety, and the possibility to host other games such as casino and poker.

The in-play betting feature, for instance, is an extremely important feature for software to have. This is because it allows players to bet on an event when it has already started. It is important because players can take advantage of the numerous strategies that come with it and, as a result, will probably make more bets playing on your sports platform. Other features to look out for are multiple reporting types, player management, multi-platform feature, multi-view, multi-currency support, and some others.


A sports betting platform should appeal to players with different tastes to ensure its success. The software should support various sports, including esports (e.g., Overwatch, LoL, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, etc.), classic sports (tennis, golf, basketball, football, etc.), and virtual sports.

Privacy and Security

Your potential customers will choose your platform when they are confident in their safety and privacy. This is particularly important since they will be sharing their personal data with you when they are creating an account.

Thus, the software you will choose for your live sports betting platform should protect your website from unauthorized access and theft of personal or financial information. This implies that the data stored on the software servers, including the player’s bankroll, identity, and private information, will be encrypted such that third parties will not have access to it.

Customer Support

There will always be a high demand for a good live betting platform that can offer high-quality customer care service to their customers. This is because players will always require assistance, and the right customer support team will ensure they can get back to the game after they get it. And the faster this happens, the easier it is for you to make profit.

Make sure you go with sports betting software with reliable B2B support also. The platform should be able to swiftly respond to customers’ inquiries, complaints, and reports via channels like live chat, email, phone, etc.

Versatile Payment Options

One way to know a good sports betting software is to look at the payment methods it accepts. There should be a variety of payment methods for your players so that they can have the freedom of choice and use methods that are most suitable for them. The software should support several payment methods like credit cards, cryptocurrency, bank transfer, etc.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of features that you need to take into account when you are choosing the right sportsbook platform. You should spend some time researching before you will choose one. There could be several good ones in the market but you should also understand your goals and the jurisdictions you are going to operate in. So it’s always a good idea to create a comprehensive plan before you make a final decision.


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