Why And How You Need To Start Planning Your Homework Right Now

Why And How You Need To Start Planning Your Homework Right Now

Are you tired of juggling a hundred things all at once? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the homework, assignments, coursework, actual work, and a hundred other things you need to get done? You’re not alone! All across the world, students face this exact same issue. You think you’re doing everything right, but nothing seems to lessen the workload on your shoulders.

What you need to do is work smarter, not harder. Most people are already doing what they need to do to get things done. But because they haven’t planned out their homework right, they end up at square one. So how do you plan smarter? Let’s start with step one!

Step One: Choose How You Want To Document

This seems like a silly step to start with, but it is very important. If you’re very tech-savvy and are on your phone all the time, then maybe look at planners online as your first option.  If you’re confident that you can access it all the time and you are comfortable with it, then an online planner may be the best choice for you.

Conversely, if you are horrible with technology then electronic planners aren’t something you should waste your time on. If you have unreliable internet connectivity, then online planners aren’t your best option.  Planning your homework schedule on something you are comfortable accessing will prevent any sort of setback.

Step Two: Plan Monthly, Revise Weekly

Your homework planner needs to accommodate you, not the other way around. You need to fit your homework into your life around your responsibilities. Planning homework needs a weekly slot set aside for revision, if necessary.

You might have a family event come up. You might have fallen behind on last week’s homework. You should record the issues that came up, and revise your schedule if necessary to make sure you get all your homework assignments done on a priority basis. Plan a schedule for the whole month, but make sure you leave yourself leeway to accommodate your life.

Step Three: Prioritize Better

Are you doing exceptionally well in one subject? Are you woefully lagging in another class? You can’t lump these two together on the same priority level!

This is a classic rookie mistake when homework planning. If you’re doing well in something, take some time out of that subject to focus on homework from a class you’re struggling in.

If an assignment deadline is inching closer and closer, then you prioritize it over a homework assignment that’s due two weeks later. Since priorities like these shift from week to week, it is imperative that you keep aside some time every week to revise your schedule. This ensures you don’t fall behind in any area while maximizing your time utility.

Step Four: Have A Handy List Of Resources

Resources are your best friend when it comes to finding your homework answers. Resources like be class notes, books, the library, friends notes, Youtube channels, or the internet.

If you have access to more resources, especially online resources like JStor, then keep a list of them handy on the back of your homework planner. Any login IDs that you need should also be written along with this list. You can even make a mini folder that has access cards as well.

Step Five: Schedule Breaks!

It might seem counterproductive to take breaks before you finish your homework. However, research has shown that breaks help with concentration. Breaks also motivate you to focus when you are studying, since the time for distractions has already been set aside.

If you have problems focusing, you can schedule frequent breaks from your homework and keep increasing the time between breaks till you build up your concentration. There are apps that can help with this, or you can do it yourself with a timer.

Step Six: Schedule In Some Fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! If you keep all your time between working, school or college, homework, and studying, you will not feel like doing anything. Stress can have very real physical impacts on your body, and you need to account for this in your homework planner.

Keep aside an hour weekly for your hobbies. Schedule in 20 mins every day for a walk when you are homework planning. Make sure you have time to prepare meals and you aren’t scrambling to finish homework while making instant ramen in the dorm.

Call this your zero-work times where you do what you want to do. This is aside from any extracurriculars you already have in your schedule. It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but when finals week comes around, you’ll appreciate having even ten minutes to breathe!


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