Where Can Spicy Food Lovers Find And Taste New Sauces

Where Can Spicy Food Lovers Find And Taste New SaucesIf you’re someone who always craves spicy foods, then you’re not just a lover of spicy food, you’re a lover of yourself, why? Because spicy foods aren’t just spicy and delicious, they have so many health benefits, which include but are not limited to; they keep your heart healthy, they promote weight loss thus keeping a healthy weight, they can relieve you from pain.

Moreover, eating spicy foods is one thing but eating spicy foods with a brand-new taste is another experience entirely, right? And this is all the more reason a spicy food lover can go an extra mile in finding a new spicy food taste.

As A Spicy Food Lover, Where Can I Find And Taste New Sauces?

As a spicy food lover, you can find new sauces in just every corner of the world, even more so, you can try out an affordable hot sauce subscription, if you’re tired of taking the same old sauce and If you don’t want to break the bank or you can go on a fun adventure trip to different locations in the world to feed your addiction to spicy foods but note that each of these places has its peculiar sauce taste that’s so unique and spicy.

But how willing are you to travel and taste some spicy foods? So if you’re ready to go on a wild trip of tasting new sauces in just any location in the world, here are a few of the best places where you can find new sauces to taste;

●      Mexico

Mexico is known for having some of the best spicy foods in the world, although they’re locally made, they are tasty and spicy. One of the nicest hot sauces in Mexico is Valentina. You can find it in virtually all of the local stores there, if you plan on enjoying this sauce, you can try it with watermelon, watermelon dipped in Valentina then straight to your mouth is heaven!

Where Can Spicy Food Lovers Find And Taste New Sauces


●      Thailand

The whole of Thailand Is filled with spicy dishes, if you want to see how delicious Thai foods are you can try some of their soups and stir-fry dishes. But if you want to enjoy a spicy sauce, you can try their fish sauce, chopped chilies, and chili powder, they are found all over Thailand.

●      Florida

With so many Latinos living in Florida, hot sauce is a norm there, and they’re spicy. In Florida, the spiciest and most popular hot sauce there is Tabañero, don’t forget to opt for hot Picante, a spicier version of Tabañero.

●      Malaysia

Malaysians can’t do without chili pepper, and this spice is present in all of their dishes. Aside from that, they make a lot of soups too, one popular soup there is Asam laksa. But if you want to enjoy a spicy sauce, opt for sambal, this sauce is a common Malaysian cuisine, they’ve got different rules of sambal, so maybe trying one might be a good start to tasting a new spicy and delicious sauce.

●      Korea

Have you ever heard the word “gochujang“? If not, then think of the word as another way of saying a spicy-sweet Korean chili sauce. This sauce is very popular in Korea, more so, it’s usually fermented.

If you would love to explore further new sauces you can taste, then you can look at countries like Peru — huancaína sauce, Vietnam — Nước chấm, Barbados — Bajan pepper sauce, and California, — habaneros, chipotle chilies, and jalapeños.



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