When Is the Right Time to Sell Your Rental Property, and How?

When Is the Right Time to Sell Your Rental Property, and How?

When it comes to selling property of any kind, naturally you want the best deal possible. Markets fluctuate, but if you are strategic, you can sell for more than you bought for. To do this, though, you need to make sure you read this page in its entirety! Now is not the best time to sell a house, as you may already know. But with this page, we hope you will be in a better position to do so and will understand how markets work.

In this article, as our title suggests, we are going to advise you on when we think it is the best time for you to sell your property, and how you can do so. We hope you enjoy this page, find it informative, and benefit from it.

Here is when it is the right time to sell your rental property and how you can.


First and foremost, you need to research the legality of selling a rental property in your area. This is only, of course, if tenants remain. The legality surrounding selling an occupied home changes according to the country, region, and tenancy agreement. This is the first thing that you need to take into consideration before you set in motion any plans to sell your property. The legality of selling your home is a very important thing, for if you sell illegally, you could wind up in a considerable amount of trouble.


It is the opinion of this author that you should not sell a rental property when tenants remain. The reason being, we are currently undergoing a global pandemic wherein people are struggling to find places to live. Should you suddenly up and evict your tenants, they may find themselves unable to find anywhere else to go. Assuming they have always been good to you and have paid rent on time, you should not ever do something like this. If they are nuisance tenants, however, that is a different story completely. Always take your tenants into consideration when you are selling your home. Or if you are in need of a property management company in Houston, there is help.

End of Term

If you are approaching the end of your tenant’s tenancy agreement, you may want to think about listing your property. They will have to accommodate viewings, of course, or take a video of your property for a digital viewing, which is very popular at the moment due to the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic. Toward the end of your tenant’s term, you can give the sale real consideration. You could stay with the same agency that leases your property for you and have them sell it for you. The end of your term is a prime time to begin listing your home for sale.

When Is the Right Time to Sell Your Rental Property, and How?


Seasons change, and so does the demand for housing. In the summer months, you can sell your home a lot easier in some areas, but not in all. For example, the housing market in Southern California is very stable, because it tends to be hot all of the time and have long days. This means that prospective homebuyers are able to come and view your house at any time and walk around the neighborhood. In other areas, this is not the case. If you are trying to sell your rental property in Southern California then you may find it considerably easier to sell now, in winter, than in other areas, such as New York. Take seasons into consideration, anyway.

Estate Agents

To sell your home, you need to contact an estate agent.  An estate agent will help you to sell your property and will facilitate the sale process. An estate agent will help you to get through the process and will list your property for you. It’s always recommended to sell through an agent, rather than privately. Selling through an estate agent affords you a certain degree of privacy and safety. Though with that said, you always need a solicitor regardless, which we will come to next.


When you are selling your home, second to an estate agent, you will need a solicitor. You need legal aid when selling your home – it’s undeniable. You cannot attempt to sell your home alone without legal help. A solicitor can be a great asset when selling your home and can draw up a housing contract that is clear, concise, and stipulates anything that needs stipulating! Solicitors are a great asset when it comes to selling your home, so do not neglect them and attempt to go private, we assure you that there is a strong chance you may regret it.

Thank you for reading this article, we hope that you have enjoyed it. Please do return and visit us soon, as well as viewing the other articles we have to offer on our website.




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