What You Need To Know About Healing Crystals Before Buying One

Crystals are the product of nature, extracted from either rock formations or meteorites. Many people all around the world believe in the healing power and energy of crystals, therefore, incorporating them into medicine, technology, and custom practices. When we say crystals, the first thing that comes to our mind is a diamond ring. The diamond as we’ve come to know it has become a symbol of love over the ages. But what’s the big deal with these eye-catching healing crystals? Crystal healing is a kind of therapy where you use a gemstone to heal you or bring you peace, many well-known people like Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell have been using this practice, and openly talking about it, which explains its growing popularity.

Benefits Of Healing Crystals

What You Need To Know About Healing Crystals Before Buying One

Healing crystals are said to promote mental health. They’re known to calm the mind, stress, and anxiety, as well as promote mindfulness, longevity, and tranquility. They work by harnessing the Earth’s energy and connecting you to the Sun, the Moon, and the oceans when you hold them. As their name implies, one of their proposed benefits is having the ability to heal your broken heart, mental blocks, and absorb all negative energy around you. So if you want to get over your ex, the healing crystal should serve you that purpose and help you love yourself again after a breakup!

‘It Chooses You’

There are a plethora of different crystals, but when you decide to buy one, it’s all about connection. Allow the crystal to choose you; how? You will be drawn to its vibration and mystical energy. Some healing crystals include:

  • Clear Quartz: Manifests happiness and success, this crystal never loses its charge and can even revitalize other stones.



  • Citrine: With its honey yellow color, it should stimulate optimism by getting rid of negative thoughts.


  • Moldavite: Unusual green stones, known to protect you and harness your growth, prosperity, and creativity. If you choose this ‘alien stone’, as people call it, make sure that it’s authentic, by buying certified moldavite will certainly awaken your spirituality. Most of the Moldavite crystals in the world are exhausted, and fake moldavites are everywhere, thus making real ones more sacred, rare, and effective.


  • Did you know that there are also ‘singing’ crystals? Singing crystals are special stones that produce angelic, chiming sounds when rubbed against a surface. Speaking of singers; the famous artist Adele has opened up about how healing crystals have helped her get over her stage fright!
How To Use Healing Crystals

What You Need To Know About Healing Crystals Before Buying One


There are a few rules for how to use healing crystals:
  • You should decide upon the intention; what is it that you want the crystal to do or what you want it to heal. Hold the stone in your hand and think about your goal or intention, while replaying a mantra in your head, for instance, “Put my mind at ease”, if you want to get rid of your overthinking.


  • Place the crystal on a part of your body that needs to be healed. Place it in your hand or on your chest while you meditate and practice breathing, this shall enhance your focus.


  • Keep a crystal under your pillow to siphon you into a state of calmness and rid you of nightmares and insomnia. You can also place one at work to increase your attention and productivity. We all deal with negative vibes at work, so keeping it around can lure these unwanted vibes away. Keep your crystals anywhere you wish to have their effect on you. Some people even wear them in the form of necklaces, bracelets, or rings. A healing crystal pendant is rendered to make its wearers connect to the deepest parts of their hearts, show them sympathy and compassion, and increase emotional awareness.


  • Cleanse your crystals; soak them in water then place them on your windowsill when there’s a full moon. There are other cleansing techniques like diffusing smoke around the crystals to clear the negative energy in its field, or washing them in natural salts and sands.


  • Make sure to expose them to moonlight or sunlight frequently so that they can ‘return to nature and draw on its energy and get recharged so that they can give their powerful energy back to you.


In these difficult times, most of us are always searching for ways to be more mindful and positive, so using healing crystals as a type of alternative therapy can be your way to go. However, if you think of them as just normal rocks, you won’t be able to benefit from their healing powers. According to legends, you need to respect these stones and believe in their metaphysical energy if you want to feel the potent and positive energy that they radiate.




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