What WordPress Templates help you Sell more online?

What WordPress Templates help you Sell more online? ThemeforestIf you are creating your website and have decided to work with WordPress.org (well done!), Now is the time to choose which WordPress template or “theme” you want to work with.

Do you stay with the prettiest?


Better stays with the one that will help you sell more.

What requirements does a template have that helps you sell?

The one that takes into account what your client needs to make it easier for them to buy from you: a simple and easy design and 100% compatibility with all online sales utilities (email marketing, e-commerce, content marketing…).

Where can I find those kinds of templates?

I recommend that you take a look at ThemeForest, the most popular Worpdress Templates online store. Here all the templates are very well classified and you can verify these points that I comment on below. Believe me, this post will be very useful to avoid having to change staff after 6 months.

Keys to choosing a WordPress template that helps you sell more

  • Cheap is expensive

I already mentioned it to you in another post: you better not choose a free template unless it is for a university project or a personal blog.

Like working with a free blog like Blogger or WordPress.com, this will limit you when designing and working with other applications.

If you grab a free template, the time will come when you will have to decide between paying a programmer to modify the template or buying a new one for wordpress bulk page creator.

A Premium template only costs between $30 and $90 and you have it for life, and it will make your web design more powerful and more trustworthy to your clients. Worth!

  • Don’t forget about mobile purchases

Super important detail: look at the options of the template that is responsive, that is, that the design adapts automatically to mobile phones and tablets.

Why? For two reasons:

  1. More and more people use the mobile to search the Internet and make purchases online. And if your website is not adapted, most will decide to browse other websites even if it is for sheer convenience.
  2. Google penalizes the positioning of websites that are not responsive. Simply because it considers that they do not give a good service to the user who enters from the mobile.

What if you got a template that is not responsive? Well, over time, you will have to buy another and readapt the design

So if you don’t want to lose customers who arrive via mobile phone and tablet, you know what you have to do.

  • Look at a design that makes it easy to sell, not distracting.

When it comes to selling, you don’t want your customers to get lost or get lost.

Therefore, rather than choosing the template with the most effects and animations in the world, look for a light and “clean” design.

The key to a good website is to convey the message well, so you don’t have to get lost in frills.

  • Find a menu that is simple and clear
  • Look at a template with legible fonts and clearly visible font size.
  • Notice the lightness of the elements and the arrangement.

Clarity is synonymous with trust in a website. If you make it easy for visitors to find the information and avoid distracting them with unimportant details, they won’t leave your website without contacting you 🙂

  • Think about what you want to sell today … and tomorrow

If you plan to add an online store in the future, buy a template that already has the design included.

You do not have to have the online store options activated at the beginning. In this way, it will not get in the way, and when the time comes to create your online store, you will thank it.

Is it only valid for an online store? Actually you can apply the same idea if you want to have an events section on your website, a forum for questions etc…

For a good eCommerce site it’s important to make it safe to enter client’s credit card info. Read about insecure WordPress website warnings and how fix them.

Thinking about these kinds of things will make it easier for you to grow the most online part of your business without great effort.


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