What Not to Do On Caribbean Vacation

caribbean vacation

A vacation in the Caribbean is on everyone’s bucket list and there’s a reason why that’s the case. It’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  It was tailor-made to fit the needs and interests of any kind of tourist you can possibly imagine.

There are, however, a few mistakes that are common among tourists and that you should try to avoid. That way nothing can spoil your trip and you can get the most out of the visit and enjoy it to the fullest.

Don’t Think All Islands Are the Same

Many tourists falsely believe that once you’ve seen one Caribbean island you’ve seen them all. They tend to stick to the island they are on.  It’s a pity to do so since all of the islands are unique and all of them have interesting sites for tourists to visit and see.

This is noticeable in local foods, traditions, and culture and the only thing that will actually be standard on most Caribbean islands is the quality of service in the hotels you’re staying at.

Don’t Forget the Proper Documents

There are a few key documents that you need to bring along and provide when asked by the authorities, and it’s essential that these are in order and up to date. These include an international driving permit issued by the International Drivers Association and a national permit without which the former isn’t valid at all.

You’ll also need to have a photo ID with you at all times in case you’re stopped by the traffic authorities. For the most part, it can be a passport, but it can also be a national ID depending on which country has issued it. All of the documents need to be up to date.

Not all Hotels Are All Inclusive

Don’t assume that if you’ve booked a hotel you’ll be covered in terms of meals and services. Not all hotels are all-inclusive.  If you’ve booked one of those you’ll need to get your food in local restaurants (which is often a better way to go).

It’s best to be detailed and thorough when finding and booking a hotel so that there are no mistakes such as these. Ask questions and don’t hesitate to go into details about it. That way you’ll know what you’re paying for and get the best deal out there.

Go Beyond The Hotels

The hotels in the Caribbean are top-notch and they (often) offer everything that you may need as a tourist. It’s attractive to be pampered in this fashion and many tourists visit the islands and don’t leave the hotel grounds during their stay.

It would be a mistake to do so. Visiting the islands as they are far from the tourist traps can be some of the best experiences you’ll have on your trip. It gives you a chance to get to know local customs, people, and the food for which so many of the islands are known.

Visiting Only During the Season

There’s a reason why the tourist season falls when it does. The weather is great and most of the activity happens during this period. That’s why most tourists come in the high season, but that’s also why it sometimes feels too crowded.

It may be a good idea to visit during the offseason. Experience the islands when there are much fewer tourists around. The weather will still be just fine at least for the most part.  You’ll also get to experience the islands as they slow down and become more intimate and comfortable.

Disregarding The Hurricane Warnings

The islands also have a hurricane season. That’s the worst time to visit and it can be rather dangerous if you get caught in the storm. Many choose to disregard this warning and visit at this time since it’s much less expensive to do so. For some, this may be a good deal, since they can get lucky and not actually witness any hurricanes.

However, if you aren’t that lucky and you actually get caught in one.  In the best-case scenario, you’ll have the worst time of your life. Try to avoid the islands in September and October since that is the most dangerous time to visit them.

Keep in mind that the Caribbean is huge and diverse and different rules apply to different islands.  At least they are applied in different measures depending on where you are. That’s why one visit to the Caribbean is never enough.

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