What Is the Importance of Choosing Right Type of LED Bay Light

LED Bay LightThe LED bay lights are generally used for lighting large rooms and buildings with high ceilings. These high bay fixtures are found in gyms, storage facilities, warehouses, and garages. Some of these lights make use of high-intensity discharge bulbs like metal halides, while the other types make use of fluorescent bulbs. They are available in two main types, and each one of them come in different size and color variations that fit any residential and commercial usage. They can be easily classified into pendants or liner bay lights.

The pendant variation takes up the vertical space while the linear ones do not. The pendant high bay lights provide high lumen or brightness, but these lights’ durability is not so long. As compared to the pendant lights, the linear bay lights use fluorescent bulbs that last longer, but they could not provide brighter light like the HID pendants. If you want to shop for more varieties of LED bay lights, browse https://www.lepro.com/led-bay-light.

However, one of the modern versions of the LED lights is the LED bay lights available in the pendant form and the linear form. Both these varieties have a high lumen and long life cycle and consume less electricity. They are efficient and long-lasting, like the fluorescent lights available. When you compare the LED bay lights with the HID led lights, the former is 3-4 times more efficient and last 5-6 times longer than the later ones.

While you are making the perfect choice of lights for your large room or the warehouse lighting, you should consider what type of LED bay lights the building needs- either the pendant or the linear ones. You should also take into account what type of CCT or color of light you are looking for. CCT is considered the color of the light spectrum emitted from natural lighting fixtures, and it is expressed in Kelvin.

The second consideration is the amount of lumen you are looking for. The LED bay lights have a high level of efficacy or the lumen than the HID lights available in the market. Before you pick the best type of LED bay lights, it is very important to consider the lumen part first.

You should keep in mind that these LED bay lights are pretty heavy, and they need extra support. Hence, you should check the current ceiling structure and installation needs for each of the lights to decide which type of fixture will work best for your warehouse. You should be sure that there will be no problem with the warm-up factor at the area as when the HID led lights get switched off, it takes about 10 minutes to warm up and then provide the light you generally need.

So, make sure what type of warehouse lighting high bay light you want for your space and the lumen requirements. These lights have huge demand nowadays due to the wide range of benefits they offer. Light up your large warehouse or office space with these bay lights and get high lumen for a longer time.


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