What is Teqball and why has it become popular


Teqball is one of the youngest and fastest-growing sports that evolved from soccer. It is now a popular recreational and training sport for famous soccer players. Messi, Neymar, Alisson and other world sports stars train and relax by playing teqball, which Ronaldinho loves so much. Let us tell you what this discipline is and why it is so popular.

Teqball came about in 2014 thanks to two Hungarian soccer fans. They originally came up with this game as entertainment for themselves. At the time, the young people had no idea that in a few years, teqball would become a full-fledged sport. 

The game is a hybrid of soccer and table tennis. You can fight against one or two opponents, as well as two against two. Matches are played using a special curved table. According to the rules, you have to hit the ball with any part of your body, except your hands. The player must send the ball to the opponent’s half so that he can not reflect the blow. The projectile cannot be touched more than three times. Also, you cannot hit the ball with the same body part twice in a row.

Why teqball is so popular

Tekball is both a good workout and an interesting spectacle. Eurosport has a contract with FITEQ to broadcast tournaments that are now watched by millions of viewers around the world. And some fans of gambling bet on the results of matches. One of the best betting companies for betting on sports, including non-traditional disciplines, is lottoland sa.

In Europe, teqball has long developed at a professional level. Asian countries are still behind in this matter, but in their territory the game is promoted through the Internet and TV broadcasts. Academies and teqball sections are already being opened around the world, and stadiums are being built. Sports analysts are convinced that in a few years, teqball will make serious competition to its big brother soccer.

The tables for the game (teqboards) can be placed outdoors regardless of the weather. In addition, teqball was the ideal sport during quarantine restrictions: the distances were respected and the matches took place in the fresh air.

World popularization of teqball

Teqball was added as a demonstration sport at the African Games in Cape Verde and recognized by the Asian Olympic Committee.

Recently, the game was included in the list of sports disciplines to be presented at the III European Games scheduled for the summer of 2023 in Krakow, Małopolska Voivodeship and Silesia. Poland has already hosted numerous teqball tournaments, allowing the game to reach the professional level. The organizers of the European Games are confident that the inclusion of this discipline in the program along with traditional sports will make the competitions more dynamic, entertaining and interesting for the younger generation.

It is noteworthy that teqball lessons are going to be included in the school curriculum in Uzbekistan. The country’s National Olympic Committee announced this. The government has already bought 10,000 pieces of sports equipment for the game and is going to popularize teqball among the younger generation together with FITEQ.

Who plays teqball?

In terms of its benefits, teqball is simply unique. It develops coordination, reaction, flexibility and agility, and allows you to train all the major muscle groups. That is why many top soccer clubs, including Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG, Ajax and Arsenal, include teqball in their training. Famous fans of the game include Ronaldinho, Luis Figo, Simão Sabroso, Robert Pires and Sean Garnier.


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