What Damages Are You Entitled To After A Bicycle Accident?

A bicycle accident can injure you severely and leave you in an immobilized state for a long period of time, preventing you from working and thus bearing the financial burden of medical bills and lost income in the future. Of course, you are qualified for monetary compensation for clinical costs and lost pay. You might be thinking about what kind of compensation you are entitled to. Ultimately, your eligibility for compensation and the amount of compensation will depend on the cause of the accident, the accident scenarios, and the nature and extent of your bicycle accident injury.

Damages for bicycle injury accidentsIf you are injured in a bicycle accident, the first task is to seek medical help and then to establish the fault and determine the liable party. You are then entitled to ask your insurance company or the liable party’s insurance company for the following damages:

Medical Damages

Medical damages are a type of economic damage which can be calculated in dollars and cents, simply by looking at the injured person’s medical bills and expenses. Medical damages are easier to calculate and include the costs of all medical visits, surgeries, physical therapies and medical procedures, which are related to the injuries caused by the bike accident. This is true even when the health insurance paid for some or all of the bike accident victim’s medical treatment and bills. Some common medical bills may include the expenses borne by-

  • Ambulance Expenses
  • Hospital admission bills
  • Physical surgery appointments
  • Specialist doctors visits and emergency room visits
  • Hospital Meals
  • Body Scans 
  • The cost of traveling to the hospital and other medical appointments

Lost Income/Wages

Like hospital expenses, loss of income is a quantifiable financial harm. After an injury caused by the bicycle accident, you can ask for compensation for lost working hours. This also includes the expenses incurred for specialist visits and exercise based recuperation arrangements.

How Is The Lost Wage Determined?

Lost wage remuneration is normally determined by multiplying the representative’s hourly rate by the quantity of hours or days they can’t work. Computing lost wages can be more complicated when the clients are self employed entities instead of workers. Bicycle accident attorneys are skilled to calculate the compensation in such situations by predicting every possible outcome and the costs associated with it. 

Remuneration For Emotional Pain

Wounds from bicycle accidents can cause trauma and in some cases, may even lead to long-term disabilities. The accident victims can go through extreme emotional pain, anxiety, PTSD including experiencing the side-effects from the medication. This suffering, though difficult to prove, can be put in monetary terms. 

However, as opposed to medical care expenses and lost wages, agony and suffering can’t be estimated definitively. Several factors are considered while calculating the damages suffered by the injured from emotional pain, including-

  • The extent of the injury and side effects from it. 
  • The anticipated length of your recovery and recuperation period.
  • The ways injury has affected your personal life.
  • The effects of the injury on the quality of life.
  • The cognitive effects of medication and whether it is easing the pain or not.
  • The loss of society and missed activities.
  • Your life expectancy and duration of symptoms.
  • Whether you are able to enjoy the same professional and personal status that you had before the injury.
  • The anxiety and fear of riding a bicycle developed after an accident.

Property Damage 

You can also claim compensation for any personal property that was damaged in a bicycle accident. For example, your bicycle may be damaged or the fencing of the home in which your bicycle landed after an accident. Other items may include-

  • Cell Phone
  • Watches
  • Smart Watch
  • Bicycle Gears
  • Glasses
  • Bags

After being involved in a bike accident, you may have several questions:

  • Who was to blame?
  • What should I do at the accident site?
  • Should I go to the doctor?
  • How am I going to pay for the upcoming costs?
  • What if I get fired?
  • How should I start recovering money from my insurer?
  • Do I require the services of an attorney?

These questions are obvious and can cause a lot of stress. It is advised to hire an attorney early in your case and take the best possible actions immediately.


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