What Can These East Coast Teams do to Get Back on Track?

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With another NFL season in the books, it’s time to look back and reflect on what went right and wrong for teams across the league. This year we saw some teams like the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills perform unexpectedly well.

However, it seems many east coast teams were struggling this season, and some have been in the rut for even longer than that. Let’s review what these teams can do to turn their franchise around for next season.

Philadelphia Eagles

It was just 2018 when the Eagles were the surprise Super Bowl champions. With backup quarterback Nick Foles in, they managed to triumph over Tom Brady and the Patriots. This past season was a far cry from their Super Bowl days, however, as the team went 4-11-1.

While the Eagles will always be supported in their home state, the Pennsylvanian wagering websites certainly show that they are not the usual favorite in their matchups. For a team that just won the Super Bowl three years ago, they certainly looked like a shadow of their former selves this past season.

So now the question is, how does the team turn things around? The answer is to rebuild it from the ground up. That starts with firing the head coach. The Eagles have cut ties with Doug Pederson and have since hired new head coach Nick Sirianni. Next, there needs to be some competition at the quarterback position. This is what we should expect with Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts, and a possible 1st round draft selection.

Neither the Eagles staff nor the fans have much confidence in Wentz right now, and a quarterback competition in the offseason can reignite his potential if there is any left. These are just the beginning steps for the Eagles, but it is clear the team needs to rebuild their offense entirely.


New York Jets

Putting it bluntly, the Jets have been an absolute travesty for too long. This past season they went 2-14, the year before that was 7-9, before that they went 4-12. Both the organization and the fans have become too comfortable with losing and it needs to change.

If there ever was a team in need of an overhaul, it’s this one. To begin, they need a coach that can turn this tragedy of a team around. On that note, it could be an attractive destination for the right coach if someone has the skills and wants to prove themselves. Of course, after that comes the quarterback situation and this is where the Jets are in a predicament.

When the team drafted Sam Darnold in 2018, they called him the face of the franchise and were sure the team would start winning games. However, football fans all know this similar story, and a quarterback can’t turn around a team alone. The Jets have no talent on offense and no one for Darnold to throw to. On top of this, they have one of the worst offensive lines in football.

Most analysts agree that before they churn and burn quarterbacks like other teams, they need to hire at least three starters on the offensive line. After this, they can add more receivers, a capable tight end, a running back they can utilize every down, and a whole platoon of defensive players. While that may sound like a lot, the Jets will not be an easy team to bring out of despair.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins did not have a bad year by any means. Going 10-6 is an admirable effort, and they even looked like a playoff contender at times. The problem is, how do they capitalize in the AFC East now with Brady out of the picture? While they have been living in the Patriots’ shadow for two decades, it’s time to reclaim the division. The problem is their rivals, the Buffalo Bills, also have the same goal in mind.

For the team to capitalize on their 2020 performance, there are a few priorities they should have in mind. The Dolphins are a team without an identity. First, they need to settle the quarterback situation once and for all.

Presumably, they should throw their support behind Tua Tagovailoa completely and have Fitzpatrick be his mentor and backup. To help build around Tagovailoa, they should also make it a priority to either trade for or draft an explosive running back and a dynamic receiver that can make plays happen.

If the Dolphins want to succeed next season, they need to establish their identity on both sides of the ball. They need to know where they excel and get the players together so the team can get in a rhythm overall.



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