What are the Best Hospitals in Florida?

More than 21 million people live in Florida, meaning that it is only behind Texas and California in terms of its population. This means that it needs a robust infrastructure to keep residents happy, healthy, and gainfully employed.

Unsurprisingly its healthcare ecosystem is extensive, and there are 328 hospitals across the state, with more being built at the time of writing.

Whether you are a prospective patient or you are looking to work in healthcare as a physician, nurse, or medical coding specialist, knowing which of Florida’s hundreds of hospitals is the best of the bunch is useful. So here’s a quick overview of the highest-ranking Floridian healthcare facilities right now to help you decide where to receive treatment or seek employment.

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville

Consistently placed at the top of the pile across a range of specialties, the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is a leading location not just within the state but also nationally.

As well as featuring facilities for a vast number of treatments and surgeries, it also has focused facilities for everything from substance addiction to weight control.

Intensive care units are also on-site, along with emergency care facilities, so it really is an all-encompassing hospital that comprehensively caters to Florida’s largest city and the surrounding area.

UF Health Shands, Gainesville

Encompassing a teaching hospital for general healthcare, as well as separate yet associated facilities catering to psychiatry, cancer, and children, the UF Health Shands is a collectively significant place that helps thousands of people every day.

Pediatrics is a particular specialty, as you might expect, and some world-renowned experts on the treatment of youngsters with critical illnesses can be found here.

While it may come second overall to the Mayo Clinic, it is Florida’s top-rated hospital for children, which may be relevant to many prospective patients and professionals alike.

AdventHealth, Orlando

Serving both as a general medical facility with extensive surgical capabilities and a hospital where the next generation of doctors are shown the ropes, AdventHealth in Orlando is well regarded from a patient perspective, based on feedback from those who have passed through its doors for treatment.

It is a high-performing location for various cancer-related surgeries, including procedures for colon and lung cancer. The same goes for procedures and treatments for cardiac issues, diabetes, and nephrology.

While rankings like these can change year on year, and quality treatments are available in most hospitals, sometimes it makes sense to select a facility like AdventHealth that does specialize if you have a particular condition to cope with.

Tampa General, Tampa

The main body of Tampa General Hospital is set up for treating adult patients, and there is a separate Children’s Medical Center where pediatrics are provided.

Furthermore, there is a cancer center that offers all sorts of programs for oncology, ranging from the brain to the vital organs and the blood.

There are even treatment options that are set up expressly to help patients who are unable to receive blood transfusions on the grounds of their religious beliefs, which makes it an inclusive option if you fall into one of these groups.

Cleveland Clinic, Weston

Rounding out our look at Florida’s best hospitals, this is the place to go if you live in Miami and Fort Lauderdale or are just visiting.

With emergency and ICU provisions, and high rankings for cardiac surgeries, this facility caters to the everyday needs of patients and those with more serious conditions to contend with.

As always, do your research in-depth and don’t rush into choosing a hospital if you can help it, as this may help you get a better outcome from treatment.



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