West Palm Beach Jerk Festival A Sizzling Success

By Dr Mary

WEST PALM BEACH  – The annual West Palm Beach Jerk Festival proved to be another success.  Even with the scalding sun and scorching heat, people came in clusters to celebrate another Jerk Fest.

The event took place at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach on Memorial Day, May 28, 2017.  This event celebrates authentic jerk chicken, Caribbean food, reggae music, an al-star line-up or reggae artist, dance contest, jerk chicken contest, vendors, and bounce house for the children.

What exactly is jerk chicken?  Legend has it that the original jerk stemmed from a traditional way of cooking pork.  It was said that the Maroons slaves who escaped to the mountains used a blend of seasoning to marinate the food they caught. Traditional jerk seasoning includes a mixture of blended seasonings such as, thyme, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, allspice, salt, black pepper scallions and several other seasonings.   It is said that the birth place jerk is Boston Beach on the northeastern end of Jamaica.

West Palm Beach Jerk Festival a sizzling success

West Palm Beach jerk vendors seemed to have gotten the recipe just right.   One vendor’s jerk chicken meal with festival was well seasoned and tasty.

As for the artists, this year’s lineup of Tarrus Riley, Half Pint, Assassin, and Wayne Wonder had the audience on their feet.  Each performer appeared to have impressed the crowed with their signature songs and proved to be every bit of the artist that they have heard about.

Wayne Wonder a hit at West Palm Beach Jerk Festival

Wayne Wonder

The vendors had a vast array of Caribbean clothes, jewelry, and flags.  One could find something from almost any island.

At the end of the day everyone seemed worn out but satisfied.  Another jerk festival began and ended with a bang!


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