Vaping Marijuana for Respiratory Health

Medical use of marijuana remains a controversial subject. The treatment and healing effects of marijuana have been known for decades. For instance, some people have used cannabis for respiratory problems like difficulty breathing, wheezing, and coughing for years. These are signs of respiratory problems like asthma which doesn’t have a cure.  

Some studies have suggested that marijuana has components with the potential to benefit people that exhibit these symptoms. Medical marijuana may refer to the entire plant or its active ingredient. But, even with some studies showing that marijuana has medicinal properties, its use remains illegal in most countries and states.

But, irrespective of the legal status of the use of marijuana in your state or country, you found this article because you want to learn more about vaping marijuana for respiratory health. Recently, even individuals that have sensitive lungs switched from smoking to vaping marijuana.

Vaping Marijuana for Respiratory Health

Why Switch from Smoking to Vaping Marijuana?

There are many reasons to invest in best weed vaporizer instead of continuing to smoke the weed. Vaping marijuana is a way to embrace the latest innovation. When you vape cannabis, you take advantage of technological advances to self-medicate with this plant.

Some vaping devices make strategic dosing possible. Vaping proponents enthusiastically endorse marijuana vaping arguing that it’s a safer alternative to smoking. However, there is limited evidence to support their claim. There are limited studies on the safety of vaping though security surpasses the physical effects.

For example, vaping is more discreet. That means you can medicate even in places where smoking marijuana is prohibited. The technology of some weed vaporizer devices allows for specific dosing. This reduces the over-consumption risk. Thus, you can use the devices at work and other situations to self-medicate without the risk of compromising your livelihood.

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How Smoking Marijuana Affects Respiratory Health

Although cannabis has beneficial effects on mood, pain control, and easing chronic symptoms, ingesting smoke from any plant has a negative impact on respiratory health. Constant smoking causes irritation of the respiratory pathways. This can worsen conditions like asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis that affect the respiratory system.

Thus, though marijuana has medicinal properties, smoking can make its use dangerous. Note that combustion is the problem, not marijuana. Smoke from marijuana has bronchial irritants like tar. This tar is the same carcinogen that promotes diseases like cancer among cigarette smokers.

Nevertheless, no association has been established between smoking marijuana and lung cancer or cancer of the other organs due to its moderate or light use. Even heavy consumption of cannabis has minimal chances of causing pulmonary complications when compared to the use of tobacco. But, to avoid the harmful effects of inhaling smoke, it’s wise to invest in the best dry herb vaporizer.

How Vaping Marijuana Affects Respiratory Health

When compared to smoking, vaping marijuana is a better alternative. Smoking involves combustion which irritates the lungs and throat. Though it has been proven that smoking marijuana does not cause cancer, it has the potential to worsen an existing respiratory issue.

On the other hand, research has revealed numerous benefits of vaping marijuana for respiratory health. For instance, vaping does not produce smoke. It also enables the vaper to enjoy the medicinal effects of marijuana without the damaging effects of smoke. Essentially, vaping marijuana is the best option because it protects the respiratory system from the damaging effects of smoke.

Research has shown that respiratory symptoms that include phlegm, dry mouth, and cough are not intense among people that vape. That’s because vaping entails the use of devices that heat marijuana oil or flower to release its cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the natural chemicals that provide relief from symptoms like inflammation and pain. Since vaping does not entail burning the plant, the inhaled vapor does not have toxic spin-offs.

A study conducted in 2016 revealed that vapers reported a decline in respiratory symptoms. When smoking, some people experience tightness in their chest. This leads to the need to clear the throat by coughing. However, things are different when they vaporize marijuana because they do not experience tightness in their chests.

Eliminating Risks

Smoke from both tobacco and marijuana has carcinogens. As such, vaping marijuana eliminates the risks posed by these carcinogens. Therefore, switching from smoking marijuana to vaping it can reduce the smoke-related symptoms of conditions like bronchitis.

In fact, a significant reason why many people are switching from smoking cannabis to vaping it is the perception that it is a safer smoking alternative. Nevertheless, the benefits that vaping marijuana has on respiratory health should be the driving forces. For instance, vaping marijuana has the potential to reduce the risk of respiratory cancer and COPD that are caused by smoking.

Vaping is also an alternative for people that want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes but fear that smoking can worsen their pre-existing pulmonary diseases or respiratory symptoms. Thus, you can invest in a dry herb vaporizer if you want to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana without necessarily smoking it.

What Experts Say about Vaping Marijuana for Respiratory Health

Experts recommend the use of the safest technique possible for people that opt to vape marijuana for their respiratory health. That’s because not all vaping is the same. As such, experts recommend vaping the entire cannabis flower. Mainly, you should invest in a vape that enables you to get the full benefits of marijuana.

Additionally, when buying the marijuana product to vape, be very careful. Bear in mind the fact that some vape products are thinned with polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol. These are not safe for you to inhale or heat. If you find loading your conventional vaporizer with pure ground marijuana challenging, go for a pod-based device.

It’s also recommended that you take shallow, short puffs when vaping marijuana. That’s because there is still no sufficient, comprehensive data regarding the effects of vaping on respiratory health. Nevertheless, the available research on vaping impact on respiratory health shows that subjects report reduced adverse effects on their health.

The Bottom Line

Vaping marijuana for respiratory health may seem safer than smoking it. Nevertheless, there are limited studies to determine whether this is really a safe option. But, most people want to vape marijuana because it looks fashionable. It also provides the desired effect while eliminating some undesirable consequences.

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