Using Restorative Skincare & Prevention for Healthy Skin

Using Restorative Skincare & Prevention for Healthy Skin

If you look in the mirror and you don’t have any skin damage, then you’re quite lucky, as most people have some kind in one of the many forms it takes. Whether talking about age spots, uneven pigmentation, acne scars or general redness, the majority of the population could benefit from the use of restorative skin care products.

All of these imperfections are a sign of damaged skin cells and just like your car’s paintwork, your skin can become dull and lifeless. If something as tough as your car can become damaged by the elements, then it stands to reason that your skin might need some help.

The Causes of Damaged Skin

Many factors can lead to us all needing restorative skin care, especially when we get a little older. When in our youth, our skin is more supple and able to heal on its own and quickly too! As we age, the time it takes to heal extends, meaning that evidence of damage can remain for months. And when we’re having to continually go out into the elements, the damage keeps coming.

Damage comes from all sides and can result in:

  • Exposure to the sun
  • Hot, cold or windy weather
  • Pollution in the air
  • Smoking
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Bad diet and no exercise
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Stress

Whilst we might be able to avoid some of these causes, no one can stop all of them. Your immune system plays a big part too, so anything that suppresses it will cause issues. This constant, on-going cycle of damage and healing can leave your skin in a poor state if you don’t give it some support.

Ways to Provide That Support

The good news here is that there are a number of methods you can use to counteract this damage, with some being topical and others internal. Let’s look at just a few examples of what we mean.

  • Use quality restorative skin care products – There are many great products on the market that can help restore even texture and appearance for your skin and when you include them in a daily skin care routine, you’ll undo much of the damage that life causes.


  • Eat Lots of Foods Rich in Vitamin C – The skin needs a plentiful supply of collagen to stay looking smooth and blemish-free, so ensure that you get lots of them. We’re talking about things like oranges, lemons, peppers and spinach.


  • Consume more zinc – In order to synthesize protein, which in turn helps collagen production and the repair of skin tissue, it needs zinc. You can get this from foods like beans, cashews and almonds.


  • Get good protein in your diet – Another important part of your diet – as far as your skin is concerned – is protein, as it’s used to rebuild skin cells. Good foods to eat include fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts and tofu.


  • Reduce your intake of junk food – It’s no secret that junk food is bad for you. This essentially means that it’s bad for your skin too, with salt, sugar and trans fats all working to break down your skin cells and dry out your skin. Keep your intake to a minimum and you’ll avoid it.
Restorative Skin Care Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

So, it’s clear that there are a lot of contributing factors that all work towards how healthy and smooth your skin is. The good news is that the preventative measures we’ve mentioned here won’t cost you a fortune and are likely to have a majorly positive impact on not just your skin, but your overall health too.

Sure, restorative skin care products do come with a cost, but when you see the results they produce, you soon realize that they’re worth every penny. Perhaps the most important part of them, however, is that you use them every day.

It’s important too to think of things holistically, as your inner health is also key. Even with all of the elements that are continually attacking our skin, from age to sunlight to the wind and the rain, if you get yourself healthy on the inside, it’s going to show on the outside.

Combine a healthy diet with a good daily skin care routine and you’ve got yourself a winning formula!


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