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USCIS to offer free copies of the Civics and Citizenship Toolkit to Organizations that serve immigrants

WASHINGTON – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, (USCIS) announced that it is offering free copies of the Civics and Citizenship Toolkit to organizations that serve, or that are interested in serving, immigrants.

The Toolkit includes immigration and civics publications, handbooks, multimedia tools and guidance on how to use these products to help legal permanent residents integrate into their local communities and American society.

Adult educators and volunteers who work with immigrants may use the publications, videos and curriculum in the Toolkit to teach American history, civics and citizenship in a classroom setting. Immigrants may also use the Toolkit as a self-study resource to learn more about the United States and prepare for the naturalization process.

More than 4,000 public libraries have already added the Toolkit to their collections. Recognizing that the Toolkit can be equally useful to other community and faith-based organizations, local government agencies, community colleges, schools and other groups that work with immigrants, USCIS has expanded registration to all immigrant-serving organizations in the United States.

Because there are limited copies, organizations must reserve their copy on a first-come, first served basis through the web at: http://www.citizenshiptoolkit.gov. Registration for the free copy is limited to organizations that serve or plan to serve immigrants only. Additional copies are available for purchase through the Government Printing Office at http://bookstore.gpo.gov or by calling 1-866-512-1800.

Products and publications included in the Toolkit include:

– Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants – contains basic information to help immigrants settle into everyday life in the United States;

– Civics Flash Cards – features sample U.S. history and government questions and answers;

– Learn About the United States: Quick Civics Lessons – study booklet with an audio CD that includes short lessons based on the sample U.S. history and civics questions on the current naturalization test;

– The Citizen’s Almanac – includes information on the history behind many of America’s most patriotic anthems and symbols and the creation of our most important founding documents;

– Pocket size version of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States;

– A Promise of Freedom: An Introduction to U.S. History and Civics for Immigrants DVD; and

– Becoming a U.S. Citizen: An Overview of the Naturalization Process Flash® presentation.

The Toolkit is an initiative of the Task Force on New Americans, a federal partnership created to strengthen the efforts of federal, state, and local agencies in providing immigrants the information they need to embrace the common core of American civic culture, learn English, and fully become American.

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