US based, Caribbean Education Foundation Awards $765,000 JA in Scholarships to Jamaican Students

BOSTON – Boston based, Caribbean Education Foundation, Inc. (CEF) has awarded their Paul Bogle Scholarship to six brilliant children in financial need who passed the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) to attend High School in Jamaica. The Scholarships total $765,000 Jamaican dollars.

Paul Bogle Scholarships are awarded to qualified and talented children who graduated from Primary Schools and passed their exams to attend High School but are in financial need, and could be in danger nonattendance due to lack of financial resources. The Scholarship pays: school fees, text books, school supplies, uniforms, shoes, transportation and lunch for the 2010-2011 school year.

The Caribbean Education Foundation scholarship recipients satisfied the Paul Bogle Scholarship strict requirements: high academics (at least a 3.0 grade point average); passed Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT); evidence of financial need; and solid production of four prescribed essays. Scholarships are renewable each year of if the student meets the required criteria.

Nikiki T. Bogle, Esq. awards Alpha Primary School Student, Travis Anderson with his scholarship in Kingston, Jamaica last month.

Academic Year 2010-2011 Scholarship recipients are:

COYA DRUCILLA CHRISTIE – Wolmer’s High School for Girls

Primary School: Duhaney Park Primary, Kingston

TRAVIS KENO ANDERSON – St. Georges College

Primary School: Alpha Primary, Kingston

TREVISA SIMONE BRYAN – Morant Bay High School

Primary School: Morant Bay Primary, St. Thomas

SARAH NAOMI JONES – Immaculate Conception High School

Primary School: Duhaney Park Primary, Kingston

AMOY DENAY GILLESPIE – Ardenne High School

Primary School: Portsmouth Primary, St. Catherine


Primary School: Duhaney Park Primary, Kingston

The Caribbean Education Foundation discusses the reasons why Paul Bogle Scholarships are critical in Jamaica. CEF’s CEO, Attorney Nikiki Bogle explains, “Public High Schools in Jamaica are ‘not free’ and due to the associated costs attending High School, too many 11-year-old children are unable to attend or appear infrequently at best. CEF’s goal is to help to provide meaningful access to High School education for children in financial need, in order that youth may acquire essential tools to help themselves.”

The Caribbean Education Foundation maintains high standards for its scholarship recipients. As is evidenced from the high caliber of students who are awarded Paul Bogle Scholarships, CEF Scholars are among the best and brightest in Jamaica. In addition, they are attending some of the best High Schools in the country.

Once a “CEF Scholar”, Paul Bogle Scholarships are renewable each year of High School if the student meets the required criteria: Daily School Attendance, Good Grades: at least a “B” average, Good moral character and Financial need.

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