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Upgrading South Florida’s Infrastructure to Improve Road Safety

Upgrading South Florida’s Infrastructure to Improve Road Safety

Combining input from the public, police and Department of Transportation officials, a new Transportation Master Plan for Monroe County is being developed.  The plan covers improved infrastructure for all types of transport and highlights accident hot spots and potential improvements such as better signage to make them safer. As well as hazardous highways, South Florida is home to some of the country’s most dangerous cities to drive in, and while distracted and reckless drivers cause the majority of the accidents, poor road conditions can also create additional hazards. By investing in the maintenance and upgrade of highways and city streets, it is hoped that the general safety of South Florida’s roads can be enhanced.

Minimizing Collisions at Intersections

Within the state of Florida, some of the highest numbers of accidents occur at dangerous intersections in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 29% of traffic accidents that cause serious injury are rear-end collisions.  When a tailgating driver fails to slow down to avoid hitting a car at an intersection red light, the resulting impact commonly causes damage to the neck and back. An experienced spinal cord injury attorney understands that these types of injuries can have lifelong consequences, often requiring extensive medical treatment. The settlement from an accident claim can help to compensate injury victims for costly hospital bills and lost wages. However, the long term aim of South Florida’s Vision Zero initiatives is to completely eradicate these types of serious and fatal accidents in the future.

Maintaining Safety on Roads and Bridges

For heavy traffic at intersections, failing infrastructure and hazardous road conditions, Miami scores very poorly in studies of the best and worst cities to drive in. Improving the traffic flow at dangerous intersections is one of many construction projects carried out by the FDOT District Six Construction Department in Monroe and Miami Dade counties. The department manages the maintenance and upgrade of state roads and bridges with a view to helping the safe movement of people and goods in the area.  The public can also help to improve road safety by reporting potholes and other hazards such as damaged or missing road signs, to the Highway and Bridge Maintenance Division.

Improving Transportation Infrastructure

Although the bill still needs to be passed by the House of Representatives, money provided by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act could have a significant impact on South Florida. With investment of $110 billion in transport infrastructure, funding could be used to continue the development of Miami-Dade’s SMART Plan, the creation of six new corridors for mass transit. Construction of the South Corridor that will use Bus Rapid Transit technology is already underway. Money could also be used to weatherize South Florida’s roads, protecting them against cracking, soft spots and other damage caused by extreme heat, drought and flooding.

While dangerous driving continues to cause accidents on the roads of South Florida, investment in repair, maintenance and the upgrade of potentially hazardous road infrastructure could keep traffic flowing more safely in the area.



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