University scandal in the US: Turning the children into the sports talents to get into university

University scandal in the US: Turning the children into the sports talents to get into university

Ex-Stanford University sailing coach John Vandemoer

In the Varsity Blues scandal, which made 50 people prosecuted for bribery, money laundering, arranging for children to be admitted to prestigious American universities, one of the fraudulent ways is to fake the children into outstanding school athletes.

In the US, sports in college are valued more than in many other countries. Even to make the profile more reliable, these candidates also faked simple self-polishing images with photoshop or used money to buy some fake award certificates about a certain sport.

Sports star with millions of “fans”

This is not the first time profiteers have aimed at the strength and generosity of American school sports to be admitted to the school. If we look at the number of special scholarships or special offers offered to US universities, candidates with outstanding sports achievement always account for the major part.

Los Angles Times quoted Mr. Jonathan R. Coole from Columbia University that in the past 20 decades, almost 1 of 5 famous universities has practiced at school sports teams.

Currently, this rate has decreased somewhat, but the number has increased over the years, and if compared with the number of students admitted to the school because of excellent academic performance, it is still much higher.

Having said that, many foreigners are surprised to know how Americans are “obsessed” with sports at university level. For example, the captain of a university sports team in Asia or even Europe will be nothing compared to a valedictorian of the course. However, in the United States, outstanding players in the University team shirt may have millions of fans.

Even many top sports leagues such as the National Football League (NFL), the American professional basketball (NBA), etc. have separate competition days for university students in addition to the professional league.

How is NCAA’s future?

In terms of the number of athletes, the football team at Harvard is twice as prestigious as a professional football team playing in the NFL.

Because of the fact that many universities are willing to reserve for students with potential for sports, this is also an ideal way for families to get their children admitted into the university.

Page Los Angeles Times said in recent years, more than 150 schools have “wiped out” football clubs, including up to 60 top schools in the US such as Boston University or New York University, etc. It has no effect on the reputation or the number of applicants enrolling in the school. Therefore, the NCAA Football Futures seems to be in the air.

Some schools give up playing for a number of reasons, such as the high cost of keeping a football team high but it didn’t get much attention.

Or in 2000, Swarthmore College famously disbanded the football team just because it didn’t want to spend on athletic athletes. Specifically, due to the small size, if the team is maintained, the average school must spend 1/10 of the admission rate just to provide personnel for this sport.

Many American football teams have been disbanded in recent years for a number of reasons, including the fact that teams like these have taken away the chance to get into university of many other college students.


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