Trinidad & Tobago Shows the World “They are Next” at Expo 2010 Shanghai China

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago is headed to Expo 2010 Shanghai China this week to market the nation on a global stage. The nation will exhibit in the CARICOM Pavilion from the 1st of May to 31st of October, 2010 with the theme “Trinidad & Tobago: WE ARE NEXT” and highlight five areas positioned for growth: ICT, Downstream Energy, Tourism, Food & beverage, Agro-technology.

“We have a long legacy of growth and success in the energy sector that has helped us attain the sophisticated and strong economy we can speak about today,” said Wendy Fitzwilliam, Vice President of Investment Promotion at eTecK, the business development arm of the Ministry of Trade & Industry. “However, the time is now for us to leverage this legacy and show the world that we are next and the time is now to invest in Trinidad & Tobago.”

Economic development leaders from Trinidad & Tobago will promote the benefits of two of the Caribbean’s largest and most sophisticated technology parks – Tamana InTech Park in Trinidad and the Cove-Eco Industrial and Business Park in Tobago. These parks offer international companies advanced technology solutions, such as data storage and offshoring, in an eco-friendly atmosphere for which the region is known.

In addition to showcasing the technology parks, the exhibition’s staff will highlight the key sectors that are ripe and ready for international investment. Not only does the nation have the lowest energy costs in the Caribbean region, but it boasts a skilled talent pool for international companies. These factors, combined with specific industry advancements, make the nation ready for growth in information communications technology, agro-technology and downstream energy, among others.

While investment promotion is the focus of Trinidad & Tobago’s exhibit, it will stay true to the dynamic culture so often associated with the nation. During the show, there will be Carnival costume exhibits, an Evolution of the Steel Pan exhibit, sampling and promotion of local products and live performances that will showcase the rich colors and culture of the nation, which make it a great place to live and thrive.

Trinidad & Tobago will hold a National Week at Expo Shanghai during September 19-25, 2010. During that week, economic development leaders of the country will host the Trinidad & Tobago Business Forum which will profile the available investment opportunities in the country. Corporate leaders from international organizations based in China will be invited to meet with leaders from agencies in Trinidad & Tobago to discuss such opportunities, in particular for the population of Tamana InTech Park and The Cove Eco-Industrial and Business Park.

“This is also an opportunity to paint the proper image of Trinidad & Tobago to other countries inquiring about us,” says Fitzwilliam. “Trinidad & Tobago offers many comparative advantages from our highly literate workforce to our advanced technology and infrastructure. We are anxious to share our many attributes with others around the world.”

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