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Trinidad and Tobago’s State of Emergency averted a crisis

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Trinidad and Tobago’s Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said on Wednesday a crisis was averted with the implementation of a State of Emergency.

He together with other members of the National Security Council including Minister of National Security Brigadier John Sandy; Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs and Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Kenrick Maharaj were speaking at the Riverside Complex, Port of Spain.

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan

It was the daily press conference to provide the latest update on the State of Emergency and the curfew which has been instituted in specific areas in Arima; Chaguanas; Port of Spain, San Fernando; San Juan/Laventille and Diego Martin.

• The State of Emergency was declared in response to intelligence received and as such a crisis has been averted;

• Between 6 pm Tuesday and 8 am Wednesday 117 persons were arrested; 56 of those are gang members; 48 were arrested for drugs; 4 for firearms related offences; one for a homicide; eight for other serious crimes; two firearms, 18 rounds of ammunition and one cartridge were seized;

• The Defence Force has carried out 26 independent patrols and two with police over the last 12 hours;

• Air and Sea patrols have been intensified;

• Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs got permission to travel to Brazil; He communicated with the Director of Personnel Administration which is the conduit between the Commissioner, the Police Service Commission (PSC) and the Executive Arm of the State;

• The PSC by letter dated August 23, 2011 retroactively appointed Williams as Acting Commissioner from August 19 – 23, 2011;

• The Curfew Order was signed by the Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams and is lawful, valid and proper; If citizens disregard it, they will be arrested and detained;

• There are contingency plans in place to deal with any industrial action;

• Citizens urged to continue to provide intelligence information; It will be confidential;

• More hotlines for citizens to provide information will be announced;

• It is not too late for members of gangs and other criminals to turn away from a life of crime;

• Members of the police and defence force have been advised, ordered and instructed not to use more force than is necessary, but to be firm and courteous to allay fears of law abiding citizens during this time.

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